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Course Outline

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  • Values, beliefs and attitudes – your’s and other people’s
  • Why internal dialogue is so important
  • How to be an effective communicator – both verbally and non-verbally
  • The keys to powerful personal expression

Leadership skills – achieving success for yourself and others

  • How do you define leadership?
  • How do you ‘balance’ your heart and your head?
  • What’s your corporate culture?
  • How to coach, encourage and empower others
  • Matching, pacing and leading
  • Keys to fulfilling your multiple roles – and staying sane!

Building cooperative work environments

  • Your 3 communication tools
  • How language patterns influence behaviour
  • How to establish and maintain rapport
  • What makes for effective teams?
  • The various roles members may fill
  • Learning styles and preferences
  • Personality styles and behaviours

Delegation that delivers results!

  • Knowing when, what and to whom to delegate
  • How do I know I can trust them?
  • Assessing risk
  • The biggest barrier to having delegation work for you

Making time your servant – not your master

  • Be a goal-getter – not just a goal-setter!
  • Distinctions between urgency and importance
  • How to prioritise – and be flexible when things change!
  • Telephone management tips
  • Paper, paper everywhere? No more!
  • How to politely and firmly deal with interruptions
  • Making meetings work
  • How to break the cycle of procrastination

The art of effective negotiation how everyone can win

  • Negotiation defined
  • Juggling the three elements of any negotiation
  • Positional and principled negotiations
  • Necessary conditions for sound negotiating
  • What’s your negotiating style?
  • Approaches to working with different styles
  • How to ascertain your own BATNA – and that of the other party
  • Reaction ranges and how to deal with them
  • How to generate options to create ‘win/win’ results
  • Strategies and tactics
  • Developing your agreement matrix
  • Measuring the success of your agreements

Extending and deepening your skill base

  • Mentors – getting one and being one
  • Developing an action plan that really works for you!
  • Defining your next steps
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