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Emergency aftermath case study – how bad can it get?


Gretley and Pike River

  • What happened
  • Some lessons
  • It could happen again



Being a leader during stressful situations


The brain, the body and you

  • Attention, awareness and information processing
  • Roles and limitations

The nervous system


Setting the right attitude

  • Strategies for setting the right attitude
  • The impact of uncertainty on the behaviour of your people
  • Priming
  • 'Gut feelings’ and 'intuition'

Memory and its faults

  • How memory can be faulty, especially when under stress

Processing information for quality decisions and delegation

  • ‘Hearing the message’ – understanding perception
  • The importance of checking the data
  • The power and influence of ‘group think’ and how to avoid it
  • Mental grid lock – the ‘blank brain’
  • How to direct your people with certainty, clarity and simplicity

The role of emotion

  • The short and long term effect on you and the people around you
  • Strategies to remain calm and clear

Key strategies

  • Building effective decision making as a habit
  • Building a team culture that is productive when it counts

Strategic response to the people and the politics


Governance frameworks operating in Australia

  • Navigating internal and external oversight bodies
  • Understanding personal and corporate obligations and expectations

Media management –driving perception

  • Media strategy (driving a positive agenda)
  • Common pitfalls with managing media
  • The importance of perception

Protecting your brand

  • Risk beyond OH&S considerations

Building practical operational strategies for the management of a crisis

  • Establishing a central command point
  • Critical components: What is required? How will it work?

Implications for leaders during a crisis


Negotiation and communication

  • Importance of building confidence among key stakeholders
  • Managing anxiety, misinformation and anger
  • Welfare management

Practical skills for quality decision making in a crisis

  • Intelligence gathering as a technique for managing risk
  • Evidence based decision making
  • Developing a problem solving framework

Living with the outcome


The debrief process

  • Understanding and maximizing the debrief process
  • Legal implications for debriefing processes

The critical elements to rebuilding

  • Values based leadership
  • Vision based rebuilding
  • Practical rebuilding strategies
  • How to effectively and respectfully ‘move on’

Key lessons and case study review 



  • The need to build effective teams and communication channels before the event
  • Creating good habits and organisational culture
  • Proactive policy development to avoid ‘knee jerk’ responses

The course will draw from a range of real case studies and examples from various mines throughout NSW and WA and cover.

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