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Course Outline


Environmental & social risks Examining why projects outcomes may be significantly damaged Download Course Brochure
  • Failure to understand the host environment
  • Inadequate assessment of impacts
  • Insufficient or inadequate environmental management
  • Lack of cultural awareness
  • Unrealistic community expectations
  • Insufficient funding to achieve environmental and social goals

Identifying & evaluating environmental impacts

  • Stakeholder input to scoping
  • Activity/component matrix
  • Source/pathway/receptor analysis
  • Uses and abuses of mathematical models
  • The value of local knowledge

Key environmental terms & concepts

  • Baseline
  • Sustainability
  • Biodiversity
  • Environmental offsets
  • Community involvement
  • Community development

Key environmental & ground water issues

  • Delivering benefits throughout the host communities
  • Public safety and security – short term and long term
  • Land acquisition and resettlement
  • Acid mine/rock drainage
  • Water management, aquifers, the water table
  • Maintenance of biodiversity
  • Dealing with nuisance effects – dust, noise, visual intrusion
  • After mining – what?
Equator principles
  • How, why and where these are important
  • Project categorisation
  • Overview of EPs
  • The International Finance Corporation (IFC) performance standards

The regulatory situation

  • Influence of local culture and past mining history on regulatory standards and processes
  • Understanding and adapting to different regulatory systems
  • Reconciling local and international requirements
  • Problems of capacity among regulators

Environmental management

  • Overview of management practices
  • The role of environmental monitoring
  • The importance of environmental auditing
  • Responding to changing circumstances

Future environmental trends

  • More 'elephants' in developing countries
  • Increased focus on delivering better outcomes for host communities
  • More, better coordinated opposition
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