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Course Outline

  Aboriginal origins and history in Australia Download Course Brochure
  • Pre 1788
  • Post 1788
  • Today - Closing the Gap Strategy, demographics and socio-economic disparity - Links history to present day health, socialisation, emotional and mental wellbeing, education, housing and lifestyle choices and issues

Activities (2)


Family structure and inter-relationships

  • Discuss types of relationships - With people, relatives, land, animals and waters
  • Totems - Tribal and Individual
  • Rituals related to relationships
  • Men's and Women's Business - An overview will be given but no secret information.
    The concepts of Men's and Women's Business will be defined as to what can be found in any academic text. Discussion on how these cultural practices can play a role in relations with people of the opposite gender

Cultural heritage and artistic expression

  • Arts - Music, song and dance
  • The importance, meanings and uses of music and dance
  • Musical instruments
  • Dance dress and body art
  • Modernisation of music and dance
  • Art - The importance and uses of art
  • Meanings of art to Aboriginal peoples
  • Methods, styles and symbolism of Aboriginal Art



Connection to the land: A worldview with critical impact on resource and infrastructure development

  • Perspectives from around the world and in Australia

Respecting cultural heritage

  • An overview of cultural heritage legislation - State and Federal
  • Duty of Care
  • Benefits



Indigenous communication styles

  • Considerations to make when communicating with Aboriginal peoples
    - Language, protocols and Do's and Don'ts

Activity: Developing a communication checklist


Effective consultation and negotiation with Aboriginal communities

  • Cracks - What are they? What causes them?
  • Corrosion - Fundamentals explained
  • Fatigue - What is it and why does it occur?

Case studies

  • Infrastructure businesses
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