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Course Outline

  Socio-economic under-privilege examined and explained Download Course Brochure
  • Examination of Aboriginal history and culture linking to current socio-economic disadvantage
    > Health
    > Education
    > Employment
    > Housing
    > Social
    > Emotional
    > Lifestyle
  • The impact of historical policy and project development decisions on Indigenous communities



The value of diversity

  • Benefits to the workplace
  • Benefits to the community
  • Risks associated with discrimination

Mine-site repercussions of socio-economic disadvantage


Case studies

  • What this means for businesses in the resource industry
  • Common issues facing mine-sites:
    > Poor literacy
    > Learning styles
    > Substance abuse
    > Training and recruitment timelines

Indigenous community engagement


Case studies

  • Identifying appropriate stakeholders
  • Establishing framework for relationship
  • Retaining Indigenous involvement in land management
  • Protecting cultural heritage
  • Closing the Gap
  • Considerations to make when engaging with Aboriginal peoples – Language, protocols and Do’s and Don’ts



Practical considerations in Indigenous community engagement

  • The challenges with engagement
  • Industry experiences
  • Outside Native Title areas: How to identify Indigenous stakeholders

Indigenous employment


Case studies

  • Key success factors in Indigenous employment, planning, recruitment, retention and mentoring
  • What works?



Closing the Gap

  • Working with Indigenous Australians in pursuit of better outcomes for communities and businesses
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