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Course Outline


Understanding the risk of mismanaged Indigenous engagement

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  • Understanding the risk of mismanaged Indigenous engagement
  • Impact on social licence to operate
  • Impact on project development
  • Impact on shareholders

Overview of the various statutory processes

  • Consider native title processing options, timeframes and costs and explore differences
  • Consider cultural heritage options and timeframes based on desired outcome
  • Involvement of State

Preparation for the negotiation

  • Internal alignment, company policy and authorisation
  • Meeting preparation, lines of communication, documentation
  • Consideration of negotiation parameters

Examining negotiation styles

  • Role play activity
  • Collaboration versus competition and/or avoidance
  • Maximising the negotiation pie for both parties

Analysing best practice models

  • Why repair hot gas path components?
  • What components can be repaired or reclaimed successfully?
  • Understand the main processes used for repair

The negotiation

  • Rolling out the negotiation plan
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Adaptability and preparedness to shift position
  • Capturing value for both parties and locking in agreement
  • Sign off and ensuring that agreement momentum continues
  • Case examples

Post agreement implementation

  • Resources required to optimise delivery of benefits
  • Structures and trusts to facilitate delivery
  • The importance of relationships and effective communication
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