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  Leadership vs management  
  • What is the difference?
  • Understand the competencies of leadership and management
  • When should we ‘lead’ and when should we ‘manage’

Influential leadership

  • Introducing the link between leadership and the climate it creates
  • Learning how to adopt our approach to the people and situations we face
  • 5 Leadership Keys – a Global Model for Leadership and Influencing Excellence (Kouzes and Postner)
  • The Personal Influencing Styles Audit

Navigating organisational politics

  • Ethically using a political ‘tour de force’ to influence positively across your organisation
  • Techniques for countering unethical and self serving behaviour
  • Defining politics within our organisations
  • Practising offensive and defensive techniques
  • Manage upwards, sideways and across
  • Identify and map your inner circle
  • Apply offensive and defensive political strategies
  • Manage internal and external stakeholders
  • Identify and deal with the politics players affecting you such as the sponsor- the opponent – the terrorist – the leech

Crucial conversations

  • Recognise the conversation we need to hold
  • Identify how to handle the nine fight and flight responses
  • Understand the psychology of dialogue
  • 10 key skills in effective dialogue
  • Using defusing skills to maintain rapport and communication
  • Restoring relationships when dialogue breaks down
  • Avoid ‘The Suckers Choice’


  • Why should I coach?
  • Realising the benefits of coaching your people
  • Recognising coaching opportunities
  • Successful coaching techniques
  • Developing your successor

Holding others accountable for results

  • Tools for giving effective feedback
  • Using an effective feedback strategy to reinforce positive behaviour and change undesirable traits
  • Managing performance and results
  Application & Strategy

Mobilising commitment

  • Aligning your influencing strategy to your organisational dynamics
  • Successfully influencing the inner circle in your division/organisation

Mapping formal and informal influencing structures. Breathing life into your vision

  • The power of compelling vision
  • Vision, mission, strategy and tactics
  • Communicating with passion – bringing your people with you
  • Techniques of upward and downward communication
  • The use of logic and emotion
  • Developing an organisational influencing strategy

Creating a strategy

  • Planning and formulating a strategy
  • Strategic Influences – what should you consider?
  • Communicating a strategy to ensure success

Change strategies

  • Change management: What works – and what doesn’t
  • Exploiting strategy as a framework for change initiatives
  • Identifying the right change strategies for your company
  • The 8 stage change process
  • Understand the psychology of change
  • Dealing with resistance to change
  • Case study of major change story
  • Applying the process to your own situation

Motivating your people

  • Identifying the motivation needs in your team
  • How to motivate individuals beyond their normal capabilities

Networking skills – it’s all about WHO you know

  • Understanding the power of networking
  • Creating and maintaining your personal network
  • Keeping in contact
  • Jump start your network
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