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Course Outline


  Australian business culture focus Download Course Brochure
  • Overview of the business, professional and social practices in Australia
  • Australian workplace values
  • Group dynamics in the workplace
  • Review of Australian written and verbal communication trends
  • Build understanding of local behavioural traits
  Business writing skills for corporate literacy
  • Using writing that speaks to the reader
  • Applying plain English principles to the writing process
  • Writing simply to achieve the highest level of professionalism and the greatest impact on your audience
  • Recognise and correcting inconsistencies in your writing style
  • Emailing in English
  • Writing a succinct business letter or proposal
  • Structuring emails to improve readability
  Lexical business needs
  • Reviewing various terminology used in a selection of job types
  • Developing the specific terminology relating to your work or area of business
  Skills-based exercises
  • Developing written communication skills specific to your purposes
  • Useful exercises on pronunciation, stress and intonation to achieve greater authenticity of spoken English
  • Special focus on appropriate Australian humour and jargon
  Business presentation skills
  • What makes a presentation
  • Presentation vs. delivery
  • Voice, tone, speed and other critical elements
  • Cultural insights
  • Developing fluency of speaking for business presentations
  • Tools and techniques to improve confidence and assertiveness
  • Preparing and delivering memorable presentations
  • Fielding questions
  Skills-based exercises
  • Active listening skills
  • The power of questioning
  • Non-verbal communication signals
  • Making a presentation of information
  Situational business skills
  • Socialising with clients with greater confidence
  • Participating more actively in meetingsn
  Your presentation
  In this final part of the course you will embed all your new skills and techniques through a practice and feedback exercise with the course instructors on preparing a presentation from start to finish incorporating all the key learnings from the past 2 days
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