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Course Outline

Influencing the audience                                      Download Course Brochure

  • Audience analysis
  • Identifying purpose
  • Meeting audience expectations – targeting key issues
  • Preparing for potential problem issues

Planning and structuring a presentation

  • Building rapport with the audience
  • Main message – delivering key messages
  • Organising material
  • Maintaining audience focus in structure
  • Impact of language
  • Designing framework that can anchor your presentation

Building your presentation pitch

  • Identifying purpose : motivate, inform, entertain, leading edge
  • Projecting a style to match the purpose
  • Motivating your audience to buy your ideas
  • Structure your pitch: Introduction, building series of cycles, closing
  • Building each segment using a variety of tools: e.g. stories, metaphor, anecdote, humour, audience involvement
  • How to “sell” not just tell your story

Presenting your pitch

  • Up on your feet presenting a five minute pitch (videotaped optional)
  • Guided facilitator feedback
  • Facilitating post presentation discussions
  • Managing interaction – dealing with a range of audience types
  • Managing questions and holding your position “on the floor”
  • Strategies for persuading your audience to your way of thinking
  • Facilitating post presentation discussions

Managing the audience

  • Creating an image of presence and authority
  • Using body language (eye contact & gesture)
  • Establishing and maintaining rapport with the audience
  • Making a strong first impression (claiming the space)
  • Ensuring you can be yourself when presenting
  • Projecting confidence and reconnecting with the audience
  • Adapting your style to your audience
  • Responding to communication cues from the audience and modifying your style

Persuading with your voice

  • Volume
  • Inflection
  • Pausing
  • Speed
  • Using emotive language to motivate the audience
  • Language patterns that make speeches memorable
  • Techniques to control nerves
  • Second Presentation (videotaped and critiqued) 5 minutes

Using visual aids and tools to support your presentation

  • When and why to use visual aids and other support material
  • How to use PowerPoint

Making a positive impact

  • Developing your own delivery style
  • Maintaining skills and energy throughout presentation
  • Challenges to achieve higher standards and ongoing development
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