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Course Outline

  The low down on mental illness Download Course Brochure

This session will provide an overview of the latest research and practices of mental illness in the workplace. It will compare and contrast how different organisations address the issues, and how different managers do the same. It will draw insights and provide perspectives on what may be the most workable way forward, to becoming a better workplace to

  Mental health from the employee's perspective
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Work related conditions
  • Stories of mental health in the workplace
  Conversations and dialogue

This session is all about conversations. Conversations, and having the ability to generate an effective dialogue with co-workers are critical communication tools when managing any issue in the work environment. The session will help provide ways to think and act when broaching touchy situations, initiating conversations and addressing concerns with colleagues, managers and subordinates. It will aim to unlock the key to having better day-to-day conversations with staff that can demonstrably improve the quality of working life for all involved.


CASE STUDY:Managing a departure and a return to work


Step-by-step case study of how to manage a departure and return to work

  Addressing Stress. Your Stress, Your Employees' Stress
  • Recognising stress within yourself and others
  • Understanding self - Self awareness and self reflection
  • Strategies to positively reduce your stress levels
  • Tactics for reducing the stress levels of those you manage and those around you
  Understanding and managing conflict
  • Understanding how conflict arises
  • Conflict from the mental health employee perspective
  • If there are multiple mental health employees
  • Addressing, acknowledging and resolving
  • Dialogue
  CASE STUDIES: Video Session - Observing Workplace Strategies for Mental Health

This session will examine and critique a number of short video clips that have been designed to illustrate how hard it is to have conversations about mental health at work. The session is aimed at providing and critiquing useful examples to help you implement your own tactics back at work.

  Develop your skills in responding to distressed states

This session will follow on from the video session, and help you to develop your own reflective or action-oriented exercises in how to respond to a range of distressed states you may experience in the workplace and that may require your response

  It's all about the environment

Uncover a basket of specific, strategies with supporting behaviour observations for building a health work environment and humanising the workplace. You will draw from many successes and failures of situations around the globe.

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