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Course Outline

  The changing workplace Download Course Brochure
  • Why we are experiencing a workplace revolution
  • Key demographic changes affecting workforce participation
  • The impact of an ageing workforce
  • Implications for managers now and in the near future
  Meet the generations – an overview
  • Identifying their early influences
  • Discussing the generations in context
  • Key factors that define each generation: Builders, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Gen Y
  • Sub-cultures within each generation
  • Dispelling the myths: stereotypes vs. the truth
  • Identifying the strengths of each generation
  • Understanding the issues influencing each generation at work
  Cross generational management skills
  • How the employer/employee relationship has evolved
  • Understanding generational communication styles... and methods
  • Leadership styles: what works, what doesn't and why
  • Respect: the one thing all generations have in common
  • Getting the most from a multi-generational team

The young employee: starting out

  • Identifying the needs of Gen Y as they begin their careers
  • The importance of a clear employer brand to attract young candidates
  • Providing induction programs that meet the needs of younger workers
  • Expectations: setting clear guidelines and dealing with unrealistic requests
  • Creating good will with younger workers: how it will help you new and into the future
Case Studies:
What the market leaders are doing to attract and retain Gen Y
  The mid career employee: getting ahead
  • Understanding the needs of Generation X
  • What flexibility means to this cohort: work/life balance for all
  • Creating flexible career path options
  • Dealing with the mid career crisis
  • Real life examples of managing the middle generation
  The mature employee: planning for retirement
  • How our views on retirement have changed
  • Ideas on capturing corporate knowledge
  • What flexibility means to mature workers
  • The employer's role in the transition to retirement
Case Studies:
Organisations that are making the most of mature talent
  Looking to the future
  • What the workplace of the future will look like
  • Meeting Gen Z... are you ready?
  • The changing face of leadership: what Generation X will do differently
  • Developing Gen Y leaders of the future
  Action plan
  • Analysing your current situation
  • Designing your organisation's generational strategy
  • A 5 step plan for moving ahead

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