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Becoming an Effective Manager Download Course Brochure
  • Understanding management paradigms and the dilemmas of modern management
  • What are the key challenges for technical professionals moving into management roles?
  • Dovetailing your role purpose with your organisation’s goals
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of different management styles
  • What causes some managers to fail - and how to avoid it

Acquiring a Practical Framework to Help You Understand & Influence the Behaviour Patterns of Different Types of People

During this session you will acquire a simple yet powerful psychological model which can be used to understand whypeople behave as they do. There will be an opportunity for discussion on how you can apply this to your specificcircumstances.

Identifying the Real Key to Motivation: Proven Techniques for Motivating Your Team

  • Understanding and applying emotional intelligence
  • Neutralising negative behaviours and changing attitudes
  • How to avoid the common mistakes managers make with extrinsic motivators
  • Identifying what motivation strategies work best with different people

Case studies: Managing different personality types to improve your effectiveness as a manager

Workable Strategies for Resolving Conflict

  • Develop strategies for addressing interpersonal management issues you face in your workplace
  • Adopting a joint problem solving approach to reviewing achievements and areas for improvement
  • Promoting positive interaction between you, as a manager, and your staff
  • Using behavioural techniques to help breakdown interpersonal barriers
Case studies: Effectively handling conflict situations

Identifying your Customers & their Needs

  • Defining your role in terms of your customers - whatever the purpose of your organisation
  • Customer focus and purpose
  • 6 elements of customer satisfaction

Developing your Personal Leadership Style

  • Effectively using your PERSONAL power, rather than relying on authority or positional power
  • Understanding the relationship between good leadership and good “fellowship”
  • Developing “fellowship” skills in your staff
  • Motivating and inspiring your team
  • Putting purpose back into work
  • Vision and mission statements - what works and what doesn’t

Using Your Power & Influence to Inspire Confidence and Achieve your Objectives

  • How persuasive are you?
  • Identifying the various sources of power at your disposal and how you can strengthen them
  • Building successful interpersonal relationships with your staff, colleagues and superiors
  • Applying effective communication and questioning skills
  • How memory affects communication
  • Understanding learning preferences
  • Adapting your communication style to ensure your message is received
  • Why questioning skills are a manager’s number one tool

Developing your People Through Effective Delegation & Performance Management

  • Guaranteed techniques to engender responsibility and accountability - and why most managers actually cultivate the opposite
  • Giving instructions and clarifying meaning
  • Selecting appropriate methods of improving performance
  • Understanding the applications

A Step by Step Guide to Avoiding the Delegation Traps: Building a High Performance Team

  • Task assignment and delegation - what should you delegate to whom and why?
  • Who is likely to complete tasks on time, on cost and on performance and why?
  • Developing your own confidence and assertiveness
  • Promoting positive behaviours within your team
  • Encouraging self-reliance
Preparing an Action Plan For Your Team

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