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Manage Personal Work Priorities and Professional Development

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  • Establish relevant goals achieving better planning and personal effectiveness
  • Take initiative to prioritise competing demands to achieve personal, team and organisational objectives
  • Identify and develop new skills and networks to maintain a competitive edge

Manage Projects

  • Define and develop project plans in line with business requirements
  • Manage project resources related to performance planning ensuring quality outcomes
  • Develop and use effective leadership skills to enable project completion
  • Identify and manage risks related to project milestones and deliverables

Recruit, Select and Induct Staff

  • Review processes for the effective selection of staff
  • Practice creating suitable interview questions
  • Handle different personality types
  • Review EEO guidelines – risks
  • Follow a process for evaluating applicants, reaching a decision and following up with candidates

Ensure Team Effectiveness

  • Determine what differentiates high performing teams from all others
  • Learn how to match the right skills sets against the right opportunities
  • Manage effective workplace relationships demonstrating conflict management skills
  • Practice motivational theories to appeal to different team members
  • Be able to create teams that are engaged with their work
  • Acquire techniques for giving feedback without losing motivation

Manage Operational Plan

  • Identify the difference between operational and strategic plans
  • Develop KPI's to measure organisational performance
  • Learn how to present a proposal for resource requirements
  • Create a work breakdown structure allowing milestones to be identified and assessed

Manage Quality Customer Service

  • Correctly identify both internal and external customers' needs
  • Apply strategies to deal with challenging customer demands
  • Learn the top 5 requirements of customers
  • How to create a customer service culture

Build and Sustain an Innovative Work Environment

  • Apply varied techniques for creativity and innovation within your team/department
  • Confirm what makes for a supportive culture able to support innovation and change
  • Identify the qualities of a successful change agent
  • Strategies to overcome organisational and individual barriers to change
  • Implement steps for a successful change process

Manage People Performance

  • Utilise and gain experience in applying a variety of communication models for holding tough conversations to improve team effectiveness and to manage performance
  • Learn to adapt your own style to manage a range of situations
  • Apply principles to improve the performance management process and outcomes
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