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Course Outline

A Preparation: the Critical Building Blocks of a Good Presentation    Download Course Brochure

  • Key presentation planning steps you need to identify before preparing your presentation
  • How to use notes and still look professional
  • Selecting the right words, phrases and openings to look and sound like you mean business
  • Looking at an important list of presentation “don’ts”
  • Enlisting the help of others to ensure you deliver a perfect presentation

Confidence: Converting Nervous Energy Into Charisma

  • Simple steps you can take to gain control of your nerves before every presentation
  • Fail safe ways to ensure the real you comes out
  • Powerful ways of gaining confidence before a presentation
  • Capitalising upon your strengths while using your position “on the floor” to your advantage
  • Commanding respect from even the most discriminating audiences

Tools for influencing the audience and exceeding their expectations

  • How to build your credibility and gain trust
  • Tap into your audience and persuade them to act
  • Dealing effectively with the all-knowing hecklers and other difficult people
  • Handling difficult questions on the spot
  • Techniques you can use to convert your audience to your way of thinking
  • What are the most “influential words and techniques in public speaking?

Enhancing Your Message for Maximum Results

  • 5 ways to get your audience involved and when not
  • How to use the unexpected to your advantage
  • Ways to rearrange your audience for ultimate impact
  • How, when and why to use diads and triads and how to avoid the “I’m out of control” feeling

Using Visual Aids to Add Impact, Credibility and Professionalism to Presentations

  • When and why to use visual aids
  • Knowing the most common traps and what to do to avoid them
  • Powerful techniques to put into any presentations
  • When to encourage the audience to become involved and when not to
  • Ways to rearrange your audience for ultimate impact

Projecting: Developing a Delivery Style That is Genuinely You

  • Ways to be ensure you can be yourself when presenting
  • Techniques for controlling your voice (tone, pitch and speed)
  • Using environmental conditions (even when they are not ideal) to your advantage
  • The key to really sounding powerful and not just phoney
  • How to project confidence and hold your audience effectively
  • Tailoring your style to your audience

Special Techniques for Handing Special Situations: Sales Presentations, Teaching, Impromptu's and After Dinners

  • What to do when you are required to speak “off the cuff”?
  • Effective techniques to use when training people
  • Useful presentation techniques to use when motivating your prospects to buy your product or service
  • What are the 10 most common speaking problems and how to overcome them
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