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Course Outline

  Leadership & management Download Course Brochure
  • What is leadership?
  • The difference between leadership and management
  • What are your leadership strengths?
  • How to articulate a Project Vision, while remaining focused on delivery of key project deliverables
  • How to align your people and motivate them to pursue your vision
  • Identify different leadership styles for the projects environment
  • The Control Approach and when to use it
  • The Guiding Approach and when to use it
  • The Supporting Approach and when to use it
  • Empowering Approach and when to use it
  Leading effective teams
  • Defining and understanding the concept of 'a team'
  • Review of the stages of team development
      - Forming
      - Storming
      - Norming
      - Performing
      - Adjourning
  • Leading and maintaining effective, productive teams using an understanding of the psychology of team dynamics based on the above model
  Building relationships
  • Understanding the basics of relationships and how differences in the way people are motivated to perform affect your ability to lead
  • Identify your Motivational Value System using the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI®)
  • How to be more influential and persuasive using an understanding of motivational and behaviour patterns
  • Using an understanding of team members' personal motivation differences to help you manage conflict more effectively
  Ethics & leadership
  • Ethics Integrity and trust – corporate concept or reality of human experience?
  • The importance of integrity in the leadership of project teams
  • The difference between personal and organisational ethics and integrity
  • Understanding the effect of extreme triple constraint focus on project team integrity of performance
  Managing team conflict
  • Defining the major sources of conflict in the projects environment
  • Understanding the approaches to dealing with conflict in the projects environment
  • Using the SDI to manage conflict
  • Aspects of negotiation in managing conflict
  • Modern approaches to conflict management in the projects environment

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