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The Business and “Activity” of Relating

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Defining relationships

  • Relationship and Relating – an activity not an entity
  • What is an effective relationship?
  • One-on-one or one-to-group?
  • Barriers to relating
  • Understanding Interdependencies
  • Beliefs and habits that hinder relationship effectiveness

The importance of self-awareness and impact

  • Your most important relationship
  • Recognising when you're working for or against yourself
  • Getting up on the balcony: observing with objectivity
  • How emotions impact on your relationships
  • Noticing the impact of your behaviours
  • Reacting or responding

Interpersonal skills for gaining trust and respect

Candid communication

  • How to get all the information on the table
  • Saying what you really mean
  • Helping people open up
  • Diffusing defensive behaviours
  • Giving empowering feedback
  • Confronting with respect
  • Common barriers, the 12 responses that inhibit relating
  • Debating the scurge of collaboration

Social skills

  • Earning respect and trust
  • Developing responsibility and accountability
  • Agreements and expectations
  • Setting and reading boundaries
  • Body language (and other non verbal communication)

Overcoming ambiguity in your communication style

  • Quantity vs. quality
  • Avoiding ambiguity
  • Making yourself understood
  • How misunderstandings occur and how to avoid them

Agreements and expectations when relating in business

  • What's the exchange?
  • Clarifying expectations and agreements –both implicit and explicit
  • Uncovering unstated rules or assumptions

Where to from here?

  • Following up on the key strategies learnt
  • A focus on the change-oriented, practical, interactive, experiential learning from the day

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