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Course Outline


  Mobile wireless broadband Download Course Brochure
  • The mobile wireless broadband disruption
  • Factors influencing the emerging wireless ecosystem
  • What really constitutes 4G?
  • Standards and revised definitions: the use of the “4G” monike
  4G wireless broadband access transition
  • The black art of wireless broadband communications
  • The wireless trade-off dilemma
  • Spectrum issues
  • The radio access network and cellular design concepts
  • The wireless broadband world beyond 3G
  • OFDM vs. W-CDMA
  • “4G” multiple access strategies
  • Spectral efficiency and the cost per bit
  • Technology enablers
  • The “4G” network overlays
  • Mobility in heterogeneous wireless networks
  • HSPA+ vs. WiMAX vs LTE
  Backbone Network: Linking the access network to the core
  • The differentiation between access and aggregation
  • Transport technologies landscape
  • Packet networking
  • The evolution of the core network
  • Integration with legacy networks
  • Scheduling and session control techniques
  • Voice in the wireless world
  The IP multimedia core
  • Packet switching and IP multimedia
  • End user requirements, contexts, and usage
  • Upper layer issues in 4G
  • Adhoc networks and multihop networks
  • Service differentiation and QoS in packet networks
  • Media rich applications
  • Authentication, authorisation and accounting functions
  • Real time services
  • The next generation OSS
  4G or not? What’s happening around the world
  • Is “4G” in America really 4G?
  • Europe: touting “4G”?
  • China and TD-LTE the latest “4G” buzz
  • Emerging Markets: Is there anything in it for them?
  • “4G” in Australia: Where are we, and where are we headed?
  4G and the future of wireless broadband
  • A look down the track
  • Technology enablers and radio design strategies
  • Software defined and cognitive radio principles
  • The user centric paradigm
  • Multiple convergence of terminals, broadband and mobility
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