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Course Outline

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  • Managing data for better decision making information
  • Being organised in logic and approach upfront
  • Clarity of purpose and objective


  • Overview and understanding spreadsheets
  • Uses and applications – determining your needs
  • Overview of Microsoft Excel, help functions and wizards

Navigation and orientation

  • Working with worksheets and workbooks for an efficient and effective structure
  • Working with data – entering data, using formulas
  • Finding your way around Excel: menus, overview of functions and toolbars
  • Typical spreadsheet design, basic shortcuts and some very useful functions and techniques

Data entry and manipulation

  • Basic data entry and manipulation
  • Linking cells (within worksheet, between worksheets, between workbooks)
  • Creating new worksheets and workbooks
  • Editing data, finding and replacing, copying and filling and forms (for data entry)

Calculations and formulas

  • Formulas and calculations overview
  • Cell referencing (relative, absolute, mixed)
  • Sorting and filtering data, including the auto-filter function, subtotal function, auto-sum,
  • Calculation functions (such as Sum, Average, Count, Minimum, Maximum) and basic If statements

Formatting and presentation

  • Formatting cells (width, height, wrapping, shrink to fit, merge, alignment, dates, text, percentages, numbers etc)
  • Working with rows and columns (adjusting height, adding and deleting)
  • Useful formatting and presentation functions (including auto-format, comments, auto-fill, format painter, pasting special, grouping and hiding etc)
  • Viewing and printing


  • Understanding and choosing and appropriate chart type
  • Creating a charts efficiently and effectively
  • Editing and changing charts

Practical advice


General spreadsheet structure (inputs, calculations and outputs), time saving techniques, shortcuts, things to be careful of, developing your own style, basic best practices and habits, avoiding bad habits, key things to be aware of, basic Shortcuts, more advanced shortcuts

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