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Course Outline


A framework for understanding maintenance strategy

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  • How maintenance strategy contributes to the business bottom line
  • A review of current strategy development in global industry
  • Maintenance strategy challenge survey

Concepts of risk

  • Risk management and assessment
  • Impact of component and asset failure on organisational performance

Current approaches to the development of maintenance strategy – Existing challenges

  • Risk based approaches to the development of maintenance strategy
  • Quantitative techniques for strategy development
  • Strategy development based on failure elimination
  • Maintenance strategy and jungle warfare

Enablers or blockers? – The role of organisations and support systems

  • The role of information systems in strategy delivery
  • Hardware and software challenges
  • Process challenges
  • Organisational factors – culture, roles and leadership

Dynamic maintenance strategy framework

  • Criticality of maintenance activities
  • Cost profiles for maintenance activities
  • Segmentation of maintenance activities and strategies
  • Prioritising strategy development effort
  • Enabling technology

Technology for predictive and prognostic maintenance

  • Hardware for on-line monitoring of asset condition and performance
  • Decision models for predictive and prognostic maintenance
  • The future of predictive maintenance
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