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Course Outline

Introduction and overview                                                             Download Course Brochure

Identifying suppliers

  • Outside vs. inside spend
  • By grouping configuration

Determining importance

  • Their importance to you
  • Your importance to them

Relationship reach

  • Over time: the contract lifecycle
  • Many-to-many: the networks

Governance Charter

  • Key elements of this interparty management agreement
  • Interparty roles and accountabilities

Scorecarding suppliers

  • The Contract Scorecard
  • Supplier evaluation reporting

Relationship design

  • Relationship quadrant and KPIs

Interpersonal relationships

  • Contract Management Profile styles - your style, and global benchmarks

Interpersonal relationships

  • Alternative dispute resolution (arbitration, mediation, and independent expert) - how it really works
  • Your conflict management style
  • Conflict styles in action
  • Plan a constructive solution

CMP test

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