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Course Outline

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Introduction and overview of training

  • Course design layout - walkthrough of what you will learn
  • Meeting individual objectives - discuss your goals

Planning the SLA


The strategic elements of the SLA

  • Overview of the key components of the SLA
  • The SLAs role in the governing documents - where it fits in the scheme of things
  • Key objectives of SLAs to be successful
  • Establish the advantages and disadvantages of SLAs - when you should and shouldn’t use SLAs
  • Strategic considerations for SLAs-things to consider before you kick-off the SLA
  • Approaches to rolling out and determining which is best for you

Writing the SLA


Section 1 – Context

  • Identifying the stakeholders - specifying who they are and what is important to them

Section 2 – Scope overview

  • Distinguishing who is responsible for what - how to develop a responsibility matrix

Section 3 – Scope definitions

  • Defining the scope of work
  • Identifying the objectives of each service – highlight what’s really important

Section 4 – Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Introducing the Contract Scorecard - design the service, financial, relationship and strategic outcomes sought
  • Design the critical service metrics for a SLA
  • Investigating KPI stratifications and options

Section 5 – ‘Incentives’

  • Understanding financial and non-financial incentives
  • Understanding positive and negative incentives – using carrots and sticks
  • Explore different techniques to apply incentives – getting the most out of incentives

Section 6 – Reporting

  • Assessing the different types of reports
  • Exploring the various reports desired at different periods
  • Designing a KPI report

Section 7 – Glossary

  • Avoiding common misinterpretations - ensure all parties have the same understanding

Open forum and closing

  • Auditing SLAs
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