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Course Outline

  Project phases and contract issues Download Course Brochure
  • Segmenting projects into phases and markets
  • Key contract issues in each phase
  • Key issues in various phases in a project lifecycle

Exercise: Define your project and contract issues


Assessing contracting options

  • Common labels for project contracts and what they really mean (e.g. Alliances, PPPs, ECI, etc)
  • Strategic contract modelling for your project

Exercise: Map the phases of your project to the strategic contract model matrix


Contract design

  • Know how bargaining power operates in the contract lifecycle and how that affects your project
  • Outcome design – use the Contract Scorecard to specify results sought by the project stakeholders
  • Blueprinting a contract – designing your contract for the project, not the other way around

Exercise: Developing a scorecard for your project

  Financial Management
  • Examine lump sum, unit rates, and cost-based pricing models
  • Determining the total cost of contract – it’s not just the price

Exercise: Determine the best pricing model(s) for your project Risk


Risk management

  • Different types of risk and determining who is best placed to manage them
  • Calculating liabilities
  • Strategies to mitigate risk

Exercise: Identify your project risks and opportunities and accurately plan your actions


Project vs Contract Management

  • Governance vs management
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