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Course Outline


Setting up the contract management function Download Course Brochure
  • Defining what is contract management
  • Activities required for successful contract management
  • Budgeting the investment

Practical exercises: Case study and self assessment

The contract management strategy
  • Overview
  • The CM Network
  • Strategic planning to execute rights you really want

Practical Exercise: Develop a rights plan

The contract lifecycle
  • Phases and building blocks overview
  • Appreciating the skills required
Understanding the role of contracts
  • Defining what is a legal agreement
  • The governing documents
  • Key objectives of contracts
Assessing the state of your contract – examining good from bad
  • The state of your specifications, SLAs and SoXs
  • The type of pricing you have
  • The state of your contract
Open forum on contract conditions
The Governance Charter – formal
  • Defining roles and accountabilities in a contract governance framework
  • Defining the role and process with meetings
  • How to structure meetings
  • Evaluations, reviews and audits
  • Issue, dispute and variation management
Relationship management – informal
  • Bi-party team ‘chemistry’
  • Planning a successful relationship
Planning the end of a contract
  • End of term options
  • Assessments
  • Disengagement
Exercise: Contract management SWOT analysis
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