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Course Outline

Setting the scene                                                 Download Course Brochure

  • Understand the difference between efficiency and effectiveness
  • Determine your measures of productivity
  • Decide on your compelling reasons to become more productive
  • Identify the 4 generations of time management

Activity: Brainstorm productivity measures and compelling reasons to increase your productivity as a group

Analysing your situation

  • Identify how and why you operate the way you do
  • Recognise your productivity bottlenecks
  • Use the circle of influence model to assess your situation

Activity: Complete a self analysis questionnaire to determine your current behaviours including where they came from and how they affect you

Setting goals

  • The basic S.M.A.R.T. goal model
  • Going beyond S.M.A.R.T. to A.I.C.I. goals
  • Looking past the immediate: how to create goals for the short, medium and long term

Activity: Take at least 2 of your current goals and assess them against the models to improve their effectiveness

Managing priorities

  • Applying Pareto’s Principle and Parkinsons Law to priority management
  • The 4 quadrants of time management: identifying the urgent from the important
  • The value of “not to do lists”
  • Using the 4 Ds method: delegate, delete, decide, do

Activity: Using your current list of outstanding items, apply these principles to design a new system for prioritizing with input from other Masterclass participants

Setting up systems and processes

  • Mapping your work environment to identify improvements
  • How to put in place timesaving methods for repeat tasks
  • Learning from highly organised people and job roles

Activity: Design a flow chart and workplace map to assist with streamlining systems and processes

Action planning

  • Using the start, stop, continue model to take the first steps
  • 5Ws and 1H: 6 steps to ensure you follow through
  • Personal commitment agreement

Activity: Design your own action plan for implementing the ideas from this masterclass which will include identifying your support structures and creating an agreement which will be sent to you 2 weeks after the event as a reminder

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