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Hearing the Voice of your Customer to drive your Service Imperative

  • Establishing definitions (customer, service, service transaction components, complaints).
  • Why satisfaction surveys do not provide the data and evidence your business needs to drive process and service delivery improvement.
  • Why you must know what customers think is important about the service and product performance of your business.
  • Why best practice includes surveying the generic elements and key indicators of good customer service (rather than the generic “satisfaction”).
  • Identifying the elements of good customer service (the ©Nine Rules of Good Customer Service).
  • The Service Transaction between staff and customers, and why the customer expectation of it must be used to drive your business efforts.
  • The difference between service transaction performance indicators and business practice indicators.
Best Practice in VoC methods
  • Comparing various tools and effective methods for gathering and measuring customer feedback and input.
  • Inexpensive, low tech ways to hear from your customers what they want to tell you and what you need to know (including complaints
  • Three key questions to ask your customers on how to improve your service to them.
  • A framework for getting actionable input from your customers and to avoid just getting "feelgood feedback".
  • Why your business needs to know about what the customers really think about your business efforts and service delivery.
  • How to tell the difference between "feelgood feedback" and actionable input.


  • Assessing your sample internal surveys customer surveys against the indicators of good service.


Gaining Actionable Input from our Customers - the VoC Imperative

  • Using feedback data to leverage continuous improvement of business and service processes.
  • Practical Application of the Indicators of Good Service to business surveying.
  • Using the data from surveys to drive business process and change.
  • Developing your internal survey based on the indicators of service excellence - from the perspective of your customers
Action-Planning for Hearing the Voice of your Customers
  • Help in improving your skills in getting customer feedback the easy ways
  • A model search session for VoC - whole-of-group role play
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