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Course Outline

What is a business process? This session introduces the fundamentals of what can be defined as a “process” and why processes are used:
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  • What do we define as a business process?
  • What is the purpose of having a process?
  • Learn about the key components of a defined process

Understanding a process Learn how to isolate a process in the workplace and identify the scope of its impact:

  • Learn how to identify a process and its objectives
  • Determine the impact of the process on other areas of the business
  Auditing and review Having identified a process, learn how to analyse it to determine whether it is efficient or appropriate:
  • Learn techniques for auditing an existing process
  • Discover how to determine whether there is a need for a new process
  • Identify problems and inefficiencies
  • What are bottlenecks and their consequences?
  • Learn how to assess the practicality of a new or changed process
  Process mapping This session teaches the technique of process mapping – drawing the process in a clear, concise, step by step manner to highlight its strengths and weaknesses which can then be addressed:
  • An introduction to the basics of process mapping
  • Learn good design rules and good practice methods for creating clear process maps
  • How do we interpret, refine and review a process map?
  • Learn how to use the process map to create a practical procedures manual

Implementing new processes Once the process has been mapped, it needs to be implemented. This session provides practical considerations for taking the process from paper to a working solution:

  • Learn different methods for rolling out a new process
  • What do we need to consider when planning to implement the process – timing, communication, training and resourcing?
  Reviewing the new process It is important to closely monitor and review the new process and measure its performance against expectations, perhaps leading to further changes:
  • Learn how to monitor and measure a new or changed process by identifying key metrics
  • How is a process further amended?

Detailed worked example

  Work through a comprehensive example covering the key aspects from day one to design and evaluate a business process within a simulated workplace.

Participants' worked examples

  A facilitated session to apply learned techniques to participants' actual examples of processes from their own workplace.
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