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Course Outline

  Defining KPIs Download Course Brochure
  • Clarify participants' understanding of KPIs
  • Overview of industry definitions for KPIs
  • Various examples of KPIs
  How KPIs benefit organisational performance & productivity
  • Understanding how to use KPIs within your management responsibility, organisation or project
  • Determining required outcomes from KPIs
  • Examples of using KPIs
  Strategic fit
  • Understanding the hierarchy of measurement from company strategy through to everyday tasks
  • How to build KPIs that will fit your strategic intent
  • Mapping and testing KPIs against your strategy

What do organisations actually measure?

  • Examples of what and how organisations measure performance
  • Assessing the similarities and differences between KPIs across different industries
  Adding value - Optimising KPIs
  • Exploring what and how participants are currently measuring performance in their own organisations
  • Optimising KPIs by
    - Assessing the value of current KPIs
    - Taking a look at the data being collected to support KPIs and how useful this data actually is
    - Determining what measures to keep and what to drop
    - Identifying what other performance measures your organisation needs to support strategic decision making
    - Identifying new sources of data for enhancing KPIs
  Organisations vs projects
  • Examples of how KPIs are used in organisations and projects
  • Identifying key differences between them
  • Assessing the basis for these differences
  In-process KPIs & outcome-based KPIs
  • Exploring the differences between in-process and outcome-based KPIs and how they are used
  • Examples to illustrate the difference between in-process and outcome-based indicators and the merits of each
  • Identifying which are in-process and outcome-based KPIs in participants' own organisations and how they are used
  Examining a model for developing KPIs
  • Introduction to the KPI development model
  • Practical application of the KPI development model by working through a set of examples and scenarios on the development of KPIs to suit the needs of different industries
    - Understanding how KPIs can be used to monitor the performance of individuals and assist management in the identification of opportunities for development of their people
    - Sharing ideas and learning from having developed KPIs for different types of organisations
  Examining a model for developing KPIs

This unique, detailed session will examine case studies from industries ranging from Government alliance projects to a variety of industries in the resources and infrastructure sectors.

It will review, discuss and explore how different industries measure operational performance, their benefits, pitfalls, outcomes and lessons learnt.

It will also explore how organisations link (or don't link) their strategic goals with the goals and measurement of individual's performance, and how there can be significant costs and benefits of doing so.

  • Identify the similarities and differences between the measures used by these varied industries
  • Examine lessons learnt and methods for benchmarking alternative methods and techniques
  • Explore how KPIs on a balanced scorecard can be used with human capital to
  • Monitor overall team performance
  • Provide management with data on areas for performance enhancement
  • Assess the value of an organisation's KPIs
  • Identify the optimum set of KPIs for both an organisation and a project
  • Develop an optimum set of KPIs for an organisation and its separate departments
  Stakeholder engagement
  • Stakeholder engagement. What works, what doesn't
  • Review various methods for engaging stakeholders in the KPI process
  • Tips, tools, traps
  • Various approaches for rolling out KPIs across an organisation or department
  • Realistic ongoing communication of KPI data
  • Consolidation of ‘nuggets' to extract from the course for immediate implementation

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