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Course Outline

  Review of basic communications – An ICT primer Download Course Brochure
  • Basic transmission concepts
  • Analogue vs digital transmission
  • Modulation, multiplexing and digital transmission
  • Optical transmission – working with light
  • Principles of circuit switching
  • Connection oriented vs connectionless systems
  • Introduction to data communications and networking
  • Inter-networking principles
  Competitive emerging technologies ecosystem and marketplace
  • Technology, standards and government policy
  • Techno economics
  • Convergence the driver of change
  Evolving from the narrowband CAN to the broadband MSAN
  • Structure and evolving nature of the Customer Access Network (CAN)
  • The copper local loop and the architecture of the PSTN
  • Specific networks for connecting end users
  • Evolving to the Multi-Service Access Network (MSAN)
  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) access technologies
  • HFC and cable access technologies
  • Deep fibre access strategies technologies
  • GPON
  • Next generation satellite systems
  The next generation of mobile broadband wireless communications
  • A brief introduction to the black art of radio
  • Antennas and free space propagation
  • Can wireless match the performance and reliability of wireline?
  • Wireless trade-offs
  • Evolution of wireless broadband technologies
  • Satellite communications
  • Mobile cellular infrastructure basics
  • Mobile wireless and personal broadband
  Evolving to the next generation packet based core
  • Optical Transmission concepts and systems
  • Metro and long haul optical transport networks
  • How is the Internet actually structured?
  • Structure of the IP protocol suite?
  • What exactly is the IP NGN?
  • NGN migration strategies
  • Understanding multiservice access and architectures
  • The benefits of packetisation to the service provider and to users
  • Interworking between the NGN and legacy systems
  • De-mystifying IP telephony jargon and buzzwords
  IP and the Enterprise
  • The evolution of the Gigabit Enterprise
  • The business transformation centered around IP
  • Expanding the boundaries of the Enterprise
  • Private networks vs public networks
  • The technologies battle for the MAN
  • Mechanisms to provide quality of service when using IP?
  • Unifying the wireline and wireless Enterprise network
  • The impact of VoIP
  • Big Data and analytics
  • Privacy, security and surveillance
  The Cloud is the Network is the Cloud
  • The next generation service provider in the cloud
  • Cloud, hosting and infrastructure services
  • The promise of NFV
  • Mobile edge computing
  • Mobile cloud computing
  • 5G, the cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT)
  A brief look at the optical future
  • The optical communications revolution
  • Optical networks, switching and computing
  • Optical Computing

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