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Course Outline

  An overview of the day: Find it, win it, do it, retain it Download Course Brochure
  • What is today about?
  • Why have we come?
  • What do we expect?
  • What have we learned so far?
  • What will we go home with today?
  • Why do we need this course?
  Building the foundations: Part 1
  • A few major marketing terms explained
  • Brand:
    • What is a brand?
    • What is yours?
  • Elevator speech:
    • What is it?
    • What is yours?
  • The Marketing Mix:
    • What are the 4 P’s?
    • What do they mean to me and my area of the business?
  Building the foundations: Part 2
  • A few major business development terms explained
  • Opportunity tracking:
    • What is the difference between a lead and an opportunity?
  • Pipeline:
    • What is it, how to we grow one?
  • Cross selling:
    • Can it really grow a business?
  • Relationship Management:
    • The foundation of successful business development, so how does it work?

The pipeline: What filters can we use?

  • Why is a Go/No Go important?
  • What should move and when?
  • Do we know what chance of winning we have?
  • When do we NOT bid?
  • Why is networking important?
  • How do we network effectively?
Proposal management: Building a company-wide system for developing proposals
  • Key ingredients to writing a winning proposal
  • Knowing you’ve won before you’ve started writing
Client relationship management: A systematic approach to maintaining client relationships
  • Using technology
  • Communication methodologies – understanding the importance of face to face
  • Writing a client relationship plan
  Proposal metrics
  • How do we know if we’re winning?
  • Refining the ‘system’ to ensure the future builds on the learnings from the past

Case Study

  • Developing a business development ‘plan of action’ and a client relationship plan template something to take back to work.

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