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Course Outline



Introduction and contextualising the standard

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  • What are Australian standards?
  • Legislative responsibilities
  • Comparison of AS1755 – 1986 to AS1755 – 2000
  • Navigating AS1755 and scope of Standard
  • Grey areas of AS1755
  • Key definitions of AS1755

Design requirements of AS1755

  • Operating loads
  • Anti-runback design and placement
  • Underground coal requirements
  • Industry best practice ideas in parallel to AS1755

Access requirements of AS1755

  • Operating clearances
  • Maintenance considerations for walkways
  • The importance of drains
  • Lighting around conveyors

Control systems and environmental requirements

  • Prestart warnings
  • Conveyor Isolation
  • Protective stop systems
  • Fire protection and fire fighting

Emergency stops

  • Lanyards and push buttons
  • Positioning requirements
  • Force parameters for operation
  • Common errors in installation
  • Industry best practice ideas in parallel to AS1755
  • Other emergency stop designs
  • Emergency stop signage

Guarding considerations

  • Items to be guarded
  • Lift-off vs fixed guarding
  • Guard fastening methods
  • Rules of thumb for guard design
  • Interpreting guard design tables in AS1755
  • Guard strength requirements
  • Guard design comparisons
  • High risk guarding locations
  • Inspection doors
  • Lubrication points

Signage requirements

  • Mandatory conveyor signage
  • Recommended conveyor signage

Section 6 – Documentation requirements

  • Requirements of section 6 
  • Reference standards 

The perfect conveyor


This session will detail how to create the perfectly compliant ASA1755 conveyor

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