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Course Outline

  Review of pneumatic conveying fundamentals

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  • Review of basic technology and example systems
  • Review of modes of conveying (dilute and dense phase)
  • Types of systems (positive pressure, vacuum, pull/push, closed loop)

Activity #1 – Workshop/quiz for pneumatic conveying fundamentals

  • Fundamental science for gas and solids flow through pipelines
  • Terminology review (e.g., solids loading ratio, saltation, choking)
  • Reading a state diagram and understanding gas flow and solids rate effects
  • Components selection (i.e., gas mover, silo/feeder, pipeline/bends, separator)

Activity #2 – Workshop/quiz for system component selection

  • Dense phase conveying technology
  • Troubleshooting problems (e.g., wear, attrition, rate limitation, line plugging)
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