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Course Outline

  Environmental considerations

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  • Occupational health and environmental legislation
  • Available technologies
  • Collection equipment and performance outcomes

Dust suppression and dry filtration

  • Dust suppression
  • Dry filtration (baghouses)
    > Design fundamentals and concepts
    > Filtration velocities (air to cloth ratios)
    > Filter pressure drop as a key indicator

Operations and maintenance

  • Reverse pulse (bag) cleaning system operation and principles
  • Filter media selection
  • Collected waste disposal
  • Maintenance
  Wet scrubbers
  • Design concepts and types
  • Waste disposal and recirculation
  Design principles and limitations
  • Ductwork system design concepts and limitations
  • Collection hood and enclosure design
  • Hood capture velocities
  • System balancing
  • Fan types and applications
  • Fan laws
  • Exhaust stack emission monitoring

Troubleshooting discussions

  This will analyse existing systems and equipment and provide useful insights into how to make changes that will improve your operation
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