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Course Outline


  Overview of bulk materials handling Download Course Brochure

Australian and different global operations

  • Typical materials
  • Ranges of capacities
  • Trends and production efficiencies
  Bulk material flow properties and application to equipment design
  • Key properties of bulk solids needed for equipment design
  • Coefficient of sliding friction for hopper and chute design
  • Cohesive strength for selecting hopper outlet size and stockpiles
  • Bulk density and permeability for calculating hopper outlet size
  • Particle size and shape
  • Discussion of influences of moisture, fines content
  Activity 1
Workshop/quiz for flow properties measurement
  Material throughput considerations and sizing of equipment
  • What does “nominal” throughput mean?
    > Annual vs instantaneous throughput rates
    > Throughput in tonnes compared to throughput in cubic meters
    > Minimum and maximum
    > Surge
  • How should we design to achieve this?
    > Interpreting equipment capacity
    > Current limitations on some technologies
    > Buffering flows
  Layouts and designs
  • Typical design challenges
  • Safe and environmentally sensitive bulk materials handling systems
  • Topography
  • Climate
  • Real estate limitations
  Bulk material sizing, screening, and conveying equipment
  • Review of main equipment types and key components
    > Crushers
    > Screeners
    > Conveying systems
    > Stackers/reclaimers
    > Loading/unloading systems for ships, rail cars
    > Mobile machines
  Bulk material storage, feeding, and handling systems
  • Review of common flow problems
  • Types of storage
    > Silos, bins, hoppers and their flow patterns
    > Stockpiles
    > Stockyards
  • Feeders (eg. screws, belts, aprons, vibratory, rotary valve)
  • Transfer chutes
  Activity 2
Workshop/quiz for bulk storage systems
  Managing equipment operational issues
  • Typical issues (eg plugging, wear, spillage, failure, high power consumption)
  • Methods to address and minimise maintenance costs
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