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For your Approving Manager

Justification for attending a conference

If you need to get approval from your manager or training department to attend one of our events, then the following tips have been put together to help you put your business case forward.

We have also put a letter together here that you can use as a basis for your attendance request.

Focus on the technical benefits:

Focus on what you will bring back to your organisation, not on how much you want to go.

Are there specific sessions that have particular relevance to your role or your organisation?

Will they include any of the following that you can take back?

  • Tools and techniques to improve your skill set
  • Processes or best practices to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Pre or Post event workshops to help you overcome a specific problem
  • New Technologies or Vendor case studies
  • Information on new markets; policies/legislation or commercial opportunities
  • Teambuilding & development of your team if you are sending a group of delegates
  • Consultancy fees: how much would similar insight cost if you were to pay a consultant for two days? Would it be as wide ranging as a conference?

Focus on the unique audience that your chosen event will attract.

Where else will you be able to mix in person with an audience of likeminded individuals with similar information requirements? Highlight the networking benefits in your attendance request document/conversation:

  • The opportunity to discuss problems and challenges that you are facing with your peers
  • You will be able to talk as an equal with policy makers from government and industry bodies
  • Establish future business opportunities; how much would one sale or contract return on your outlay?
  • Catch-up with existing customers as well as new prospects; develop your relationships with them
  • Benefit from social functions which will extend your networking opportunities
Cost Saving Tips:
  • Book early and show how much you have saved. Most events will have generous early bird prices. Some events will also have discounts for association members
  • If you are travelling interstate then try and get a cheaper hotel rate. We have a reduced rate for all conference attendees via the Lido Group.
  • ( or 1800 817 339). Again, show your approving manager how much you have saved
    If you are sending a team then ask for the group booking discount
Post Conference Benefits:
  • Deliver a short presentation with question & answer session after the event to share your findings with your colleagues. Brief and train your colleagues and they will benefit from your attendance too
  • Share the speaker presentations with your colleagues, you will have access to these in PDF format after the conference via this website
  • Use at least one thing you have learned at the conference to benefit your organisation; be it a new business contact; cost saving as a result of an improvement in your processes; or act upon some new policy or legislation that has been detailed at the event
  • Of course, make sure you tell your approving manager what you achieved!


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