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Course Outline



Concept design

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  • Applicable standards
  • Which standards take precedence? Hierarchy of applicable standards – International, Australian standards, rail asset owner standards (e.g. ARTC, ASA, VRIOGS), Workplace health and safety standards
  • Fundamental signalling safety, operational, and maintenance principles
  • Purpose of signalling

Case study

  • Operational and user requirements,
  • Existing situation
  • Constraints – compliance to standards
  • Definitions
  • Assumptions
  • Introducing a system context diagram

Signalling plan

  • Design Inputs
  • Signal placement and headway theory key issues
  • Signalling symbology

Signalling Functional Specification (SFS)

  • SFS purpose
  • SFS contents
  • Choice of equipment

Transition to the detailed design phase of a project

  • Introduction to Automatic Train Protection
  • Active level crossing protection

Signalling design for enabling works

  • Staging options for relocation of a signalling location
  • Methods of showing changes
  • Track insulation plans

Signalling design process

  • Understand the outline and structure of a generic signalling design process
  • Safety critical design

Signal sighting

  • What the driver sees
  • Outline sighting process issues to address risks, standards
  • Solutions for inadequate sighting

Signal control and indication

  • Sequence of hardware and software design
  • Options for the control of signal aspects
  • Purpose of an Aspect Sequence Chart

Control tables and data preparation (interlocking and control systems

  • Control tables for signals and points
  • Key signalling principles
  • Approach locking
  • Route locking - opposing signals
  • Dead locking - route holding
  • Data preparation for interlocking and control systems

Signalling system testing and commissioning

  • Testing processes
  • Verification and validation activities
  • Documentation and procedures
  • Operational Readiness

Operation and maintenance

  • Regulatory regime
  • Irregularity/incident
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