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Course Outline

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  • Defining the term: What it means to be an 'employer of choice'
  • Why you want to become one: The benefits of being an employer of choice
  • How does your organisation rate against the recognised criteria?
  • Case studies of organisations who are leading the way

Why engagement matters

  • Defining the term engagement: What does it mean?
  • Research that proves engaged organisations outperform their competitors
  • The link between employee engagement, satisfied customers and increased profits
  • The benefits of creating an engaged workforce

Measuring engagement and identifying market leaders

  • Examining the criteria used around the world for measuring engagement
  • Meet the market leaders: Organisations that have made the grade
  • Analysing engagement levels in your organisation
  • Tips and tricks for creating employee surveys on engagement

Creating an engaging culture

  • Identifying the factors that create and destroy engagement
  • Analysing the meaning of culture
  • Defining your culture: Past, present and future
  • Recognising the signs of culture in your organisation
  • Helping new and existing employees embrace your culture and really live your values

Attracting the right people

  • How to create an employer brand that attracts quality candidates
  • Understanding the type of people who fit your culture
  • Designing innovative attraction and recruitment strategies
  • Case study: Learn from the market leaders

Creating attachment

  • Looking for the signs of attachment: How to tell if people will stay or if they are going to leave
  • The vital role of induction in creating a sense of belonging
  • 8 crucial conversations that create attachment: What they are and how to conduct them
  • Why employees who leave can still be attached... and how to attract them back

Becoming an engaging leader

  • Qualities that define the engaging leader
  • What talented employees look for in a great leader
  • Going beyond traditional leadership styles
  • Grooming leaders of the future: Selecting them, developing them, retaining them

Focusing on high performers

  • Defining the term 'high performer'
  • Designing a performance management system that identifies talent
  • Creating non-traditional development opportunities to retain talent
  • Learning from the leaders: What the best organisations are doing to develop their talent

Action plan

  • Analysing your current situation
  • Designing your organisation's engagement strategy
  • A 5 step plan for moving ahead

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