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12th Annual University Governance and Regulations Forum

Australia’s leading forum for Higher Education officials and stake holders.

14-15 September 2017 | Vibe Hotel Canberra

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The University Governance & Regulations Forum returns for its 12th instalment in September, bringing together the sector’s key influencers and thought-leaders.

The program will feature thought-provoking insights from the leading lights of Higher Education, exploring the very latest thinking on university governance practices and the accelerating impact of HE regulation in Australia.

With insights from TEQSA Director Michael Tomlinson, the Forum will discuss the challenges and implications of the recently enacted Higher Education Standards Framework; as well as implications of shifting Federal priorities in relation to accessibility, research potential and Education’s ability to reign as Australia’s dominant export.


  • Academic Integrity
  • Risk Management
  • Admissions – Accessibility & Affordability
  • The Value of Research
  • Higher Education Reforms
  • Sustainability
  • Responsibility & Accountability
  • International Engagement



9:00 am

Opening Remarks from The Chair


9:10 am

  • How will funding changes impact Australian universities ability to invest in life changing research?
  • Are changes to student fees likely to impact on the growth of domestic student numbers?
  • What approaches can be taken to minimalise the impact on performance?


9:40 am

  • The mix between continuity & change
  • Emerging issues
  • The mix between application assessment & continuous monitoring


10:10 am

  • Highlighting the different risks faced
  • An insight into innovative strategies for reducing risk
  • Applying frameworks and regulations to ensure risk is minimalised

10:40 am

Networking and refreshment break

11:10 am

  • Managing reputational and academic risk
  • Planning and implementing frameworks to mitigate risk
  • the impact of economic risk
  • Reducing risk through management of infrastructure and


11:40 am

  • How best can university structures support the role of the Chancellor?
  • Clarity of roles: what are the objectives for a modern Chancellor?
  • Delegating responsibilities

12:40 pm

Lunch and networking break


1:40 pm

  • Protecting and enhancing the academic integrity of universities
  • Complying with academic standards
  • Assuring good governance across the sector


2:40 pm

  • Outlining the value of research in enhancing sustainability
  • Working closely with industry and communities
  • I mproving reputation through expansive, high quality and innovative research

3:10 pm

  • I nputting good governance and managing risk when conducting, presenting and publishing research
  • Realising the university wide benefits when enhancing research quality
  • Identifying opportunities and new areas of focus

3:40 pm

Networking and refreshment break


4:10 pm

  • This presentation will evaluate the resent study titled The Relationship between Board Independence and Stock Price Performance
  • Comparing the similarities between ASX-listed corporate governance and university governance and highlighting the impact this has on performance


4:40 pm

  • Could overdependency on international student fees have a detrimental impact in the future?
  • Diversifying student enrolments
  • How can universities be best prepared for a change in international student numbers?

5:40 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

5:50 pm

Networking drinks

9:00 am

Opening Remarks from The Chair


9:10 am

  • Highlighting the challenges of managing and reporting controlled
  • Utilising controlled entities to inject funds into the university
  • Risk Management


9:40 am

  • How are the recently announced changes to funding likely to impact on universities
  • Developing innovative funding & financing avenues
  • Maximising the fiscal value of controlled entities

10:10 am

Networking and refreshment break


10:40 am

  • How best can universities approach opportunities?
  • Highlighting regulatory restrictions across different jurisdictions
  • Creating avenues to increase commercial activities and develop funding


11:10 am

  • Mergers and acquisitions: is this a likelihood?
  • How will Australian Universities compare to their global counterparts in a decade?
  • Is the market currently saturated or is there space for more higher education providers?


11:40 am

  • Ensuring universal accountability and maintaining performance
  • Correctly delegating responsibilities
  • How best can General Counsels protect the university

12:10 pm

Lunch and networking break


1:10 pm

  • I mproving the performance and satisfaction of students and staff
  • Developing course content and improving reputation
  • Ensuring good governance of course delivery


1:40 pm

  • I mplementing programmes to offer equal opportunity
  • Increasing levels of participation
  • Integrating students into a ‘university lifestyle’


2:10 pm

  • Highlighting the regulatory and legislative challenges setting up and running overseas campuses
  • Managing and staffing an international campus
  • Understanding different cultures

2:40 pm

Closing Remarks from the Chair

2:50 pm

End of Conference and Afternoon Tea


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Package(Two Days)$2495+GSTEarly Bird

When & Where

Vibe Hotel Canberra
Airport, 1 Rogan Street
Canberra ACT 2609
Phone: (02) 6201 1500

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Vicki Thomson

Chief Executive, Group of Eight

Dr Michael Tomlinson

Director, Assurance Group

Yezdani, Omer

Omer Yezdani

Director, Planning and Strategic Management, ACU

Michael Egan AO

Chancellor, Macquarie University

Jacqueline Lo

Professor Jacqueline Lo

Chair - Academic Board, ANU


Professor Fred D’Agostino

President - Academic Board, University of Queensland


Professor Geraldine Mackenzie

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research), Southern Cross University & Incoming Vice-Chancellor, University of Southern Queensland

Professor Leigh Sullivan

Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Research & Innovation, Federation University


Professor Alex Frino

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global Strategy), University of Wollongong

Peter Marshall

COO, Monash University


Tom Fletcher

Partner, MinterEllison


Professor Stephen Parker AO

National Sector Leader - Education, KPMG

Jenny Roberts

DVC - Student Experience and Governance, CQ University

when & where

14 - 15 Sep 2017

Vibe Hotel Canberra
Airport, 1 Rogan Street
Canberra ACT 2609
Phone: (02) 6201 1500

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