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Earthing & Bonding for Oil & Gas & Pipelines
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Earthing & Bonding for Oil & Gas & Pipelines

2-Day Training Course: Understand Key aspects of Earthing & Electrical Risk Management for Engineers, Designers & Maintainers. A must-attend course providing valuable, insightful, relevant understanding about the hazards created around earthed assets & appropriate risk management strategies to improve safety & risks to operations & maintenance procedures & personnel

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Illuminate the mislabelled ‘Black Art’ of earthing
  • Discover the science and craft required to make wise decisions regarding earthing system requirements
  • Discuss matters relevant to safety and earthing systems in the oil and gas industry
  • Appreciate the complex problems of inductive and conductive interrelationships between extensive metallic industrial assets, such as pipelines, storage facilities, substations and other power system assets
    Recognise the necessity for a coordinated approach to achieving EMC, including the design and management of earthing systems for power assets, lightning protection systems and cathodic protection systems
    Understand inspection and testing as imperative tools in earthing system management
  • Investigate techniques for solving problems found in earthing system design
  • Practical techniques for comparing the effectiveness of available risk mitigation techniques

About the Course

This course provides participants with a sound grounding in electrical science, and practical examples for understanding and problem solving with earthing systems in oil and gas.

The course begins with a review of the hazard utility to assets owned by an oil or gas industry business owner, the difference between voluntary and involuntary and the legal interpretation for earthing related risks. It then covers the relevant standards and their evolution towards risk management over the past decade and their likely future directions. The course then looks at the fundamentals of earthing and ‘shines a light’ on what is purported to be a ‘black art’.

How earthing impacts and integrates into the various levels of a power network is then reviewed, including generation, transmission and distribution assets, and impacts of the performance on third party assets such as railways, pipelines and telecommunications networks.

The course includes interactive practical sessions where we will ‘see’ how specific changes and errors affect outcomes which is invaluable in turning information into understanding.

Over the course participants will be invited to present real life issues and examples they have wrestled with, which will then be analysed using the understanding and skills developed during the program.

Who Will Benefit

Some understanding of electrical systems and power networks is required.

  • Oil & Gas industry asset owners, maintainers, designers or engineers
  • Those requiring a review or refresher in earthing systems
  • Those interested in the impact of power system assets on their assets, particularly third owners of large metallic systems such as pipeline and telecommunications systems


“Informative and explained earth systems in a simple and straight forward manner with great detail”
Electrical Engineer, Aurizon

Terms & Conditions

To read the training course terms and conditions read more here

Course Outline

Earthing Strategies and Issues

Electrical and Earthing Characteristics of Pipelines

  • Bare and Coated Steel Pipes
  • Cathodic and Anodic protection


  • Separation, segmentation and isolation in earthing systems
  • Interconnected and common bonded systems
  • Return systems in power utilities
  • Effects of various systems on touch voltages

Across the Asset Base

  • Refineries vrs pipes vrs storage vrs pumping and on …
  • Cathodic protection
  • Instrumentation Earthing and EMC
  • Failure modes, clues, vulnerabilities, evidence of failure, deterioration

Lightning Protection

  • Introduction to lightning mechanisms and risks
  • Approaches to lightning risk management

Maintenance and Construction

  • Hazard Controls
  • Work procedures

Meeting you Requirements

  • What standards say
  • Design
  • Verification/Integrity
  • Testing-types
  • Commissioning v. Maintenance
  • ‘Step & Touch’ not be all & end all.
  • Weaknesses

How to Engineer for Value

  • Benefits and risks associated
  • Recommended strategies
  • Management plans & internal standards
  • Test methods and equipment
  • Common traps and sources of errors
  • What is value/valuable
  • Asset base &
  • Cost, whole of life, whole of project
  • Pre-investment
  • Due diligence in managing risk, maximising value

Demonstration, practical examples and class participation throughout

On-site & in-house training

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