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CSG Production & Completions Fundamentals
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CSG Production & Completions Fundamentals

2-Day Training Course: Learn to Optimise your CSG Production Wells. Build your understanding & competence through this practical approach to CSG production & completions. Learn to determine the most appropriate method for producing CSG given the physical geo-reservoir constraints & commercial imperatives

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the relationship between fundamental reservoir parameters and production and completion choices
  • Assess the pros and cons of various production and completion methodologies and where to apply each
  • An appreciation of operational management practicalities
  • Understanding fundamental production and completion economics
  • How to diagnose a problem in a well and what to do about it
  • Equipment selection alternatives
  • The difference between CSM and CMM approaches to gas extraction
  • How to extract CSG in conjunction with existing mining operations
  • Safety systems for efficient and trouble free operations

About the Course

The coal seam gas (CSG) industry relies on efficient production and completion methodologies for commercial success. The development of a CSG field can involve a relatively simple approach, to increasingly complex. The decision to adopt one or another approach is dependent upon an understanding of the fundamental reservoir character of a deposit, a risk/benefit evaluation and some basic commercial realities.

This course details the approach needed to determine the most appropriate method for producing CSG given the physical geo-reservoir constraints and the commercial imperatives. Examples of the use of economic models to constrain production and completion choice are presented.

A component on the practical drainage of CSG associated with coal mining will be included in the course. The relationship, drivers, similarities and differences between CSM and CMM approaches will be presented. Practical tips on safety management and the interaction of CMM drainage and coal mine production will be included.

The practical experience of well completion using a range of techniques will be discussed including drilling techniques, equipment selection, managing the well, pressure control, use of liners, packers and gathering systems.

Who Will Benefit

  • Petroleum engineers and geologists who wish to understand production and completion methodologies
  • Mining engineers and geologists who wish to understand the similarities and differences between CSM practice and mine gas drainage techniques
  • Investors and anyone wishing to enhance their understanding of CSM and CMM


“The course went at a good pace and had good interaction with group. The instructors responded well to questions and had very good knowledge on subject matter”
Commercial Analyst, Origin Energy

“Very up-to-date and practical, the course provided good information in CSG operations. (the instructors were) highly knowledgeable and very approachable with questions and problem solving”
Operations Engineer, Mosaic Oil

Terms and Conditions

To read the training course terms and conditions read more here

Course Outline

Introduction & overview

  • Overview of the global CSG industry
  • The character of the local industry
  • What is CSG and how is it formed?
  • What is the CSG/coal relationship?
  • Why now?
  • Where production and completion fits into the CSG cycle

Reservoir fundamentals

  • Understanding the geology of coal
  • Understanding reservoirs and porosities
  • Gas formation, origins and distribution in the subsurface
  • Different types of coal beds and depositional environments
  • Where are favourable formations in Australia?
  • Successful, and failed, approaches to achieving commercial success
  • How does reservoir character determine production and completion approach?

CSG production

  • Overview of the CSG production process
  • Comparison to conventional production
  • What are the similarities to conventional petroleum?
  • Verifying initial reserve estimates
  • Are there economies of scale?

Types of production & completion methodologies

  • Equipment selection fundamentals
  • Barefoot completions
  • Other vertical well approaches – hydraulic fracturing, tight radius drilling
  • Horizontal borehole completions – simple
  • Horizontal borehole completions – complex
  • Maintaining borehole integrity and drilling fundamentals

Borehole maintenance

  • Techniques for production analysis and maintenance
  • Types of equipment
  • Borehole liners, casing and above ground equipment
  • Workovers


  • Equipment needed
  • Human factors
  • Methods to achieve a safe workplace

Coal Mine Methane (CMM)

  • What differs to CSG approaches?
  • How to deal with effect of nearby mine workings
  • Terminology and approach
  • Making CMM work

Wrap up & discussion

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