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Mastering Influence & Persuasion
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Mastering Influence & Persuasion

2-Day Training Course: For the Corporate Environment. This advanced course provides a comprehensive suite of professional communication skill-building opportunities for those who strive for improved outcomes in diverse, pressure-filled work environments.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the psychology behind your and other’s motivations and behaviours
  • Understand favoured learning styles of others and how to use these to for optimum outcomes
  • Learn the powerful principles of the science behind key elements of human interaction, persuasion and influence
  • Interpret how to build rapport with anyone at anytime
  • Tailor your communication methods to improve performance
  • Master confrontation without defensiveness
  • Resistance handling, turn a negative into a positive


About the Course

This course aims to overcome communication weaknesses and hurdles by tackling them head-on.

Gain insight into using practical solutions and back this up by delving into the little-known unconscious mind. Learn how the unconscious mind influences thought, language and behaviour, and how communication goes far beyond the actual words that you say.

More important than what you say is how you say it and the way you act while you’re saying it.

Successful communication is also dependent on the listener’s view of the world and their preferred learning style. Learn to elicit the action signals and communication methods from others and adopt their style to ensure that interpersonal communications are effective, persuasive and reach the desired outcome.

This course will provide you with the communications armoury to enable you to communicate effectively with anyone, at any level. More importantly, you will be able to implement these skills in the business arena directly after the course.


Who Will Benefit

  • Executives who know their success depends on relating well with those around them
  • Communication specialists or those who work in functional areas that use communication strategically
  • Those faced with difficult stakeholder groups
  • Ideal for those who have completed training in communication, or who have attended the Informa Corporate Learning course Effective Negotiation & Communication Skills

Course Outline

The communications process

Persuasion: elements and ethics

  • What are the skills that we have to master to be effective persuaders?
  • Understanding how these skills can be developed
  • What are beliefs and assumptions we make about persuasion?


Filter systems

  • What happens to information when it comes in to our brain?
  • What happens to information for it to get out!
  • Understanding our Reticular Activating System – how the brain processes information and solves problems


The lens of belief

  • Beliefs, patterns, rules. Understanding how we seek to make sense of our experiences to understand and predict behaviour – a process which usually creates few benefits and many problems
  • Analysis of examples from our own experience
  • The ABCD model – our feelings and reactions are largely created by our belief systems, rather than the events around us, or by the actions of other people
  • How this affects issues such as control and responsibility
  • Beliefs and expectations
  • How to deal with irrational beliefs, both yours and those of other people


Effective communications

  • What makes up effective communication?
  • Gaining commitment from others
  • The skills of advocacy, reflection and inquiry
  • Examining the most effective communication styles
  • Doing your research – know what you are talking about


Connecting with others

  • How to engage with others – building rapport
  • The elements of rapport building
  • Listening and responding – adding value to the conversation
  • Demonstrating your integrity and credibility


Making a contribution

  • Understanding the rule of reciprocation
  • What’s in it for us and what’s in it for them?
  • How to express the benefits so they stick
  • Reframing the argument


Staying focused

  • How to keep our mind on the job and totally present to the outcome


Non-verbal communication

  • The phenomenon of matched behaviour – when it can be observed – how it can be introduced
  • Its effects and role in improving understanding and cooperation
  • Practice at matching behaviour and exploration of its effects
  • Combining matched behaviour with explanations and requests to test its role – applications at meetings and with difficult individuals


Techniques and strategies to communicate effectively with people with different systems and styles

  • Understanding others’ motivations, drivers and communication styles
  • Developing communication strategies for these different types
  • Develop a deeper understanding of our own motivation and drivers


The idea in practice

  • Principles and business applications
  • Putting all this into practice – getting feedback and developing mastery

On-site & in-house training

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Talk to us about an on-site/in-house & customised solution.


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