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Transfer Chute Problem Solving & Optimisation
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Transfer Chute Problem Solving & Optimisation

1-Day Training Course: Focused on chute troubleshooting & solutions. Attend this course to effectively arm yourself with a solid working knowledge of identifying & troubleshooting common transfer chute problems such as plugging, wear, spillage & dusting. Implement proven solution methods required for reliable transfer chute operation

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Review common chute problems (eg. plugging, buildup, wear, spillage, dusting)
  • Understand basic components of a transfer chute system
  • Discuss bulk solids flow properties and their use in chute design/troubleshooting
  • Review calculations for estimating stream trajectory and chute capacity
  • Learn about Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) technology for chute evaluation
  • Examine chute designs for handling cohesive, wet, sticky, abrasive, and dusty materials

About the Course

This course provides participants with an overview of transfer chute problems and their costly implications, along with an introduction to general design principles required to have effective chute operation.

Basic chute components are reviewed so that a complete understanding of the transfer chute system is achieved. Bulk material flow properties required for chute design are presented, as well as discussion of key chute design inputs.

Review of material stream trajectory calculations is covered, as well as estimation of chute capacity assuming throughput requirements and stream velocity. Example chute designs are reviewed, especially in cases where DEM technology has been effectively utilised to solve or prevent chute problems.

The course participant will learn about effective chute design through presentation of multiple real-world case studies involving common mining and minerals applications. Focus will be upon chutes handling iron ore, coal, bauxite, and coarse ores.

Note that this course is not a replacement for our 3-day intensive “Transfer Chute Design Engineering” course. Rather, it is an excellent complement to the “Bulk Materials Handling Problem Solving” masterclass.

This 1-day chute course will effectively arm the participant with a solid working knowledge of chute problems, troubleshooting, and a path forward to implement proven solutions required for reliable transfer chute operation.

Who Will Benefit

Course Level: Intermediate/Advanced

This course will benefit those involved with designing, selecting, troubleshooting, maintaining, or purchasing transfer chutes

Participants recommended to attend include:

  • Plant and project managers or directors
  • Project and maintenance engineers designing belt conveying systems
  • Personnel new to the field of solids handling


“Good notes, diagrams and handouts. Practical hints for problem solving in our industry. The instructor was easy to understand, knows the subject well with good practical experience”
Maintenance Superintendent, CBH Group

Terms & Conditions

To read the training course terms and conditions read more here

Course Outline

Review of common transfer chute problems

  • Examples of chute flow problems and their impacts
  • Chute flow modes (fast-flow chutes vs standpipes or let-down chutes)

Overview of basic components of a transfer chute

  • Delivery belt conveyor and head box
  • Impact or bash plates
  • ‘Hood’ and ’spoon’
  • Receiving belt and skirts
  • Cleaners (primary, secondary, specialised)

Material properties required for effective chute design

  • Particle size and shape
  • Coefficient of sliding friction on various chute surfaces
  • Cohesive strength for assessing stickiness and plugging potential
  • Bulk density for calculating chute throughput (flow rate)
  • Discussion of influences of moisture, temperature, and particle size

Activity 1

Workshop/quiz for chute problems and material testing

Basic chute analyses for design and troubleshooting

  • Checking belt conveyor capacity
  • Estimating material trajectories from delivery belt conveyor
  • Calculating chute capacity from flow rate and stream velocities

Review of Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) of chute flow

  • Technology overview
  • Key inputs for DEM analysis of chutes

Activity 2

Case studies of DEM analyses for chutes handling iron ore, coal, and bauxite

Transfer chutes to handle cohesive and sticky bulk materials

  • How to prevent plugging and ensure material throughput
  • How to address cohesiveness AND abrasiveness

Transfer chutes to handle free-flowing bulk materials

  • Rock-box designs to reduce abrasive wear and belt damage with coarse ores

Transfer chutes to reduce dust emissions

  • Design features to minimise dust emissions with dusty materials

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