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Shutdown Planning & Management
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Shutdown Planning & Management

2-Day Training Course: Best Practice Planning, Scheduling, Execution & Cost Control. An intensive 2 day course delivered by a true expert, that uses case studies describing shutdowns experiences from a variety of industries to teach you how to better optimise cost, decision making, resource allocation & productivity

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand and align shutdown requirements with maintenance and production requirements
  • Gain new insights into the shutdown management cycle as applied to routine shutdown projects
  • Learn how to assess the work scope for Maintenance Shuts impacted on by both primary (deterministic) and secondary (probabilistic/arising) work
  • Develop ways to assess and manage scope creep and work arising
  • Master the timing of crucial preparation phases to allow for adequate preparation
  • Evaluate mechanisms to justify requirements of well-designed scopes-of-work for shutdowns
  • Determine the management framework, systems support and organisational structures required to support shutdowns
  • Assess templates and formats for shutdown information such as work packages and the project schedule
  • Create work management practices to control and manage work execution during the shutdown based on visual work flow practices
  • Identify key reporting requirements to support shutdown execution control and project evaluation

About the Course

The role of the asset owner is to ensure that the assets and related services are available and capable to support the mission of the enterprise.

The current economic climate focused on productivity and cost cutting implies that assets will be worked harder and that limits are to be explored in a safe and structured manner. This impacts significantly on how shutdown scopes of work and downtime is viewed by the organisation and shutdown management processes and their business owners are constantly under scrutiny to improve.

Effective shutdown management also relies on an increased maturity in managing asset information to support work scope definition and effective execution.

Shutdown management presents a complex risk scenario. Detailed justification of work scopes is a basic requirement. Detailed economical decision making tools and quantitative assessment of these risks are required to support decision making.

This course is designed to bring all these elements together to demonstrate the practical applications of shutdown management and how it impacts on the business and the management of asset in general.

Several case studies are evaluated to reflect on these key issues. Process information, methodology, tools and templates will be provided electronically to assist you with managing shutdowns more effectively.

Who Will Benefit

The course is ideally suited to enable asset owners, asset management and maintenance practitioners, machine specialists and machine book custodians, Classified Plant responsible persons, engineering and reliability professionals to effectively make decisions about their assets.

  • Project Managers, engineering managers
  • Project Planners / Coordinators / Schedulers
  • Shutdown Superintendents and Supervisors
  • Maintenance Superintendents and Supervisors
  • Asset Portfolio Managers, Facility managers
  • Maintenance and Shutdown Service Providers
  • Operations/Production Managers, Maintenance Managers
  • Reliability Engineers
  • Maintenance Planners/Coordinators/Schedulers

The course is designed for people who need to understand which features of an iron ore body are important from a processing and end user point of view.

Geologists, mineral process engineers, managers and directors of project development companies, design engineers moving into a mineral processing field and other technical personnel planning to enter the iron ore industry. Finance personnel being asked to fund projects and new mining industry graduates will also find this beneficial, however some understanding of basic mineral processing is recommended.


“I learnt about shutdown management that we haven’t included at our workplace. This will help for introducing and improving our systems”
Shutdown Supervisor, Gladstone Ports Corporation

“The way we staggered shift handovers and managed the workflow made all the difference and we delivered one of the most successful shuts”
Project Manager, Xstrata Copper Smelter

Terms & Conditions

To read the training course terms and conditions read more here

Course Outline

Case studies evaluated

The following case studies provide the backdrop to the material covered in this course, chosen for the significant impact these types of shutdown have on overall business operations:

  • Copper smelter rebrick shutdown
  • Longwall change-outs
  • Cement plant shutdowns
  • Major mobile machines services
  • Aircraft services
  • Mobile Equipment Shuts
  • Coal and gas power station shutdowns
  • Food processing and brewery shutdowns
  • Coal terminal machine services
  • Mining Fixed Plant Shutdowns

Shutdown management – planning the work

Shutdown management – an introduction

  • Why do we have shutdowns?
  • A quick tour – industries and how they apply shutdowns
  • Key success factors for shutdown management
  • Shutdowns risk management
  • Align shutdowns with business objectives

Structuring shutdowns for best impact

  • Shutdowns – a maintenance requirement or a production requirement?
  • Shutdown configurations and forward planning
  • Risk Based Maintenance’s contribution to the shutdown scope of work
  • Productivity impact and justifying shutdowns
  • Maintenance’s impact on availability and how it affects shutdowns

Project management applied to shutdowns

  • Project management tools, systems and methodology applications
  • The ideal project management framework, does it exist?

Review of software & systems applications and how to best apply them

  • Scheduling tools and its application
  • Computerised maintenance management systems
  • Shutdown control tools – what is out there?

Scope of work determination

  • What goes in and what stays out of the scope of work
  • Managing scope creep and emerging work
  • Obtaining commitment through participation

Shutdown management – working the plan

Work package design

  • Work packages or work orders?
  • Defining realistic and effective work package templates
  • Application of CMMS supporting Shuts
  • Documenting the scope of work and control work package development
  • Budgeting and resourcing of shutdown activities
  • Job safety and environmental analysis

Shutdown schedule development insights

  • How important is the Project Schedule?
  • Structuring the schedule configurations
  • Loading work packages and defining activity dependencies
  • Optimising the schedule – what is important?

Shutdown readiness

  • On your marks, get ready…
  • Assessing your readiness and getting it right
  • Common mistakes and how to learn from them

Resources and logistics management

  • Labour resources smoothing – employees and contractors
  • Spares and materials
  • Equipment, tools and facilities
  • Information
  • Time!

Optimal work execution control during the shutdown

  • Concept of diminishing influence as project progresses
  • Real time, visual work flow management structures and tools
  • Methodologies/mechanisms to reduce Shut durations
  • Information administration
  • Communication management
  • Handover practices for shift based work
  • Safe working, quality delivery
  • Progress reporting
  • Cost control

Master planning for shutdowns

  • Conducting the Post Project Review – what is the purpose?
  • Master shutdown management models
  • Asset Management Plans as mechanism to support Shutdown Management
  • Continuous improvement – seamless from one shut to the next
  • Assessment of appropriate shutdown practices

Creating an action plan to take back to works

This session will focus on developing a summary of the key takeaways everyone has from this program, including action planning and points to remember. The instructor will collate this, print it up and email to all participants.

On-site & in-house training

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