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Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Selection
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Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Selection

2-Day Training Course. Sourcing has moved from being a relatively straightforward concept to one that is a complex aggregation of multiple options & permutations. This comprehensive course provides tools & methodologies for public & private organisations tackling the next generation of sourcing & its associated new wave of issues.

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Key Learning Objectives

  • Change structures of deals based on 7 key configuration attributes including scope, type of suppliers, and pricing
  • Adapt and manage issues with changing existing structures
  • Develop a faster, more streamlined process for the ‘next generation’ lifecycle
  • Ensure there is competition with a re-tender when an incumbent provider exists
  • Operationalise a structured, smooth disengagement from an existing provider
  • Competently manage handovers between the old and new providers
  • Learn ways to back source where appropriate
  • Improving your contract to ensure a better quality, win-win contract

About the Course

Sourcing has moved from being a relatively straightforward concept to one that is a complex aggregation of multiple options and permutations.

Each organisation considering outsourcing, or embarking on its next generation, faces 26 structural choices. Just a few examples – you may change from a sole supplier to multiple suppliers, you may bring a few things back in-house, you may change from a fixed price contract, to one that is a hybrid of fixed, variable, and cost/+ items.

In addition, to make sure your next generation is a substantial improvement over the previous one there are a number of issues and solutions regarding how to go to market, the three types of possible transitions you may be undertaking, and creating more effective contracts.

This course takes you through key issues facing the next generation.

The first day covers changing structures of deals based on the seven key configuration attributes including scope, number/type of suppliers, and pricing.

The second day covers getting prepared for the next generation. It ranges from getting ready, going through the lifecycle faster and better, the competitive issues when the market is faced with an existing incumbent supplier, and transitioning between suppliers as well as backsourcing (bringing some things back inhouse). Then we revisit the 100+ contract issues to make sure your next deal is superior to the last one.

Who Will Benefit

This course is relevant for all those who have some dealing with the next generation of sourcing decisions, processes, and potential contracts. This includes managers, procurement/sourcing personnel, and advisors.

This course also acts as a refresher for those revisiting the sourcing spectrum.

How In-house Training works?

Interested in exploring how our In-house Training works?

Cost-effectiveness aside, one of the biggest benefits to our clients of in-house training is the opportunity to customise and tailor the content, delivery method and exercises of a training course to their exact needs. In order to achieve this, we follow a collaborative approach to bring the client & the trainer together to explore needs, shape content and define outcomes.

This video will give you an insight into the process and how bespoke courses are achieved. For more information please contact Holly on +61 (02) 9080 4454 or email

Watch webinar

Our expert course trainer Sean McCarthy delivered an insightful webinar on “Using & understanding contracts as tools for ensuring deliverables”.

You’ll learn:

  •  Overcoming some of the common challenges associated with managing contracts
  •  How contracts act as tools for achieving set outcomes across deliverables or projects
  •  The importance of contract interpretation and building confidence in dealing with contracts

Course Outline

The 7 Configuration Structures

Introduction and Overview of Course

  • Introduction of instructor and participants
  • Course design layout
  • Next Generation
  • Explaining sourcing “generations”
  • Lessons of the first generation and next generations
  • Common next generation actions

The 7 Key Deal Attributes & Generational Change

Scope Grouping

  • Service scope
  • Recipient scope
  • Geographic scope

Supplier Grouping

  • Sole supplier
  • Prime contractor
  • Best-of-breed multiple providers
  • Panel

Financial Scale

  • Relative scale
  • Absolute scale

Price Framework

  • Fixed lump sum
  • Unit-based
  • Cost-based


  • Fixed term
  • Rollover
  • Evergreen

Resource Ownership

  • Infrastructure
  • Onsite
  • Service & facility
  • Asset Buy-in
  • Facility host
  • Labour
  • Total outsourcing

Commercial Relationships

  • Arms-length
  • Value-add
  • Co-sourcing
  • Equity

Preparing for the Next Generation

Building Block: Refresh

  • Readiness assessment – what shape is your current contract in to allow your next generation to go smoothly
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) – assessing your previous deal
  • Business Case for the next generation options
  • The Contracting Lifecycle – Faster, Better

    • The four phases: Architect, Engage, Operate, and Refresh
    • Going through the next generation lifecycle
    • The Transitions

      • Disengaging from an incumbent
      • Handovers between old and new suppliers
      • Backsourcing (bring things back inhouse)

      Going to Market/Re-tendering

      • First – a refresh
      • Second – special issues in fostering competition when there is an incumbent provider
      • Conducting a next generation market briefing – special issues

      The Contract

      • 103 contract issues to consider better this time – assess missing knowledge and contractual provisions

      Open Forum & Evaluation

On-site & in-house training

Deliver this course how you want, where you want, when you want – and save up to 40%! 8+ employees seeking training on the same topic?

Talk to us about an on-site/in-house & customised solution.


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