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Improving Patient Experience Conference

Ensuring high quality care and choice throughout the patient journey experience
27 – 28 April 2017 | Rendezvous Melbourne

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Informa Australia are pleased to announce the inaugural Improving Patient Experience Conference which will be held on the 26th and 27th of April 2017 at the Rendezvous Melbourne. The event will highlight ways to ensure high quality care and choice during the patient journey experience.

With many healthcare organisations struggling to define what the patient experience really looks like it is important to understand the role that everyone plays throughout the patient’s journey at all levels, from the Hospital CEO to the clinical staff to the receptionist. The inaugural Improving Patient Experience Conference will bring together senior level experts to discuss the future challenges and opportunities involved in ensuring patients experience high quality care and choice.

Topics include:

  • The value of hospital quality in patient choice
  • Can technology make doctors more effective communicators?
  • Consumer experience
  • Shifting trends: how patient experience can be improved using national and international evidence
  • Transforming the patient experience to achieve healthcare’s quadruple aims
  • A multidisciplinary approach to improving the patient experience of discharge


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8:30 am

Registration & Coffee

9:00 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Janet Wagland, General Manager Community, Brightwater Care Group

9:10 am

Alexander Pope said “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”.
What potential for improvement might be observed when a health
lawyer becomes the patient? A scenario based presentation
touching on the legal and ethical issues of:
—— Consent, privacy, professionalism, disciplinary proceedings;
& negligence & civil liability

9:50 am

—— Professionalism is much more than customer service
—— It is Technical Accountability; Selflessness and Ethical and Legal Understanding
—— Being aware of the expectations help improve patient care
—— Continually develop soft skills and clinical knowledge to enhance standards

10:30 am

Networking and refreshment break

11:00 am

Transforming the patient experience to achieve healthcare’s quadruple aims

Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan, Chief Executive Officer, Energesse

11:40 am

This session will consider:
—— How patient experience is measured in Australia and internationally
—— How measuring patient experience is informing health reform in Australia and internationally
—— How this contributes to a focus on health outcomes and person-centred care

12:20 pm

Lunch and networking break

1:20 pm

—— Publically funded elective surgery patients have limited choice
in seeking hospital care. They are told which hospital they will
attend and which clinician will operate, yet international evidence
suggests patients want more choice over their health care
—— People feel empowered with choice, and when provided with
choice, they exercise their right to choose
—— This presentation shows results from a choice modelling experiment
that explores whether society wants more choice over their public
hospital care, and if given the choice, would exercise this right
—— This includes estimating the value society places on alternative
public hospital performance attributes, and determining the extent
to which society is willing to trade off quality for convenience

2:00 pm

—— The Informed Consent campaign
—— The Patients Handbook or Self-Help Guide
—— Patient Centred Care workshops
—— Quarterly Forums on how to improve the Patient Experience (to obtain patient feedback)
—— The Hospitals Heroes Campaign
—— Recording the Patients’ Experience
—— Patient Health alerts

2:40 pm

Networking and refreshment break

3:10 pm

—— I mproving the client experience in gestational diabetes management
—— A multidisciplinary approach and joint consults providing a more cohesive approach

3:50 pm

This session will consist of a panel of senior representatives from
public and private hospitals to discuss how best to engage with
patients throughout their healthcare journey.

4:50 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair

5:00 pm

Networking drinks

8:30 am

Registration & Coffee

9:00 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair

Stephen Mason, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Patients Association

9:10 am

People living with chronic pain need timely and effective treatment. Yet, we have seen in Australia a growing trend of non-quality prescribing leading to substantial harms. How can patients be supported to increase their health literacy and view pain management more broadly than medication alone?

9:50 am

—— Palliative care knowledge and attitudes towards caring for the dying, of nurses working in aged care homes.
—— Palliative care education needs of the nurses
—— Relationship between palliative care knowledge and attitude towards caring for the dying
—— Outcome of this study will be basis for development of Palliative Care Education in the organisation to in enhancing care and transforming the home’s culture towards caring for the dying

10:30 am

Networking and refreshment break

11:00 am

—— Using patient experience data to drive the need for change
—— Rapid organisation-wide transformation
—— Engaging doctors in improvement efforts to involve patients and families in discharge planning
—— I mproving communication between patients, families and members of the healthcare team

11:40 am

—— Engenders right path, right person through supporting discharge decision making
—— Assists in ensuring discharge care requirements can be supported within the disability sector
—— Drives seamless, goal directed transfers from hospital into these step down services
—— I mproves staff, patient and family understanding of the Brightwater transition services

12:20 pm

Lunch and networking break

1:20 pm

—— The difference between discharge and transitional care
—— Recovery Model and the importance of the patient voice
—— What does Recovery Model inspired transitional care planning look like

2:00 pm

—— According to psychologists change happens when three things are aligned; the person is motivated, they are able to do what is asked and they are ‘triggered’ to act. Then after that change is established it becomes a habit
—— Triggers can include a range of innovations that demonstrate to the person that there is a threat to something they hold dear
—— Humans regard a threat to appearance as a ‘red alert’ because we rely on our physical appearance to forge and maintain meaningful relationships.
—— There are a plethora of innovations now on the market that allow us to envision our future appearance based on choices we are making today. These have the effect of modifying our behaviour provided that we were already motivated when that trigger was deployed and that we have the wherewithal to make the required adjustments
—— There is increasing evidence that such ‘triggers’ are efficient and effective when deployed in a teachable moment

2:40 pm

CLOSING | Closing remarks from the Chair & end of conference


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Janet Wagland

General Manager Community, Brightwater Care Group


Janine McIlwraith

Principal Lawyer, Slater and Gordon Lawyers


Dr Aline Nassar

RN, Executive Healthcare Consultant/ Former Director of Health Affairs, UAE


Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan

Chief Executive Officer, Energesse

Alison Verhoeven

Chief Executive Officer, Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association

Henry Cutler

Director, Centre for the Health Economy

Stephen Mason

Chief Executive Officer, Australian Patients Association

Maree Boyle

Diabetes Educator, South West Healthcare

Glenna Parker

National Clinical Governance Manager, Ramsay Health Care

Liz Cashill

Patient Experience Manager, Melbourne Health

Elizabeth Carrigan

Chief Executive Officer, Australian Pain Management Association Inc. (APMA)

Noel Panilagao

Clinical Nurse Educators, Bupa Aged Care Australia

Michelle Muir

Clinical Nurse Educators, Bupa Aged Care Australia

Katie Doan

Patient Experience Program Coordinator, Melbourne Health

Megan Hoffmann

Nursing Workforce Coordinator, Melbourne Health

Tim Lo

Disability Accommodation Services, Brightwater Care Group

Carmen Barnard

Discharge Planning Nurse, Spencer Clinic Inpatient Unit

Moyez Jiwa

Associate Dean, Melbourne Clinical School, University of Notre Dame Australia

when & where

27 - 28 Apr 2017

Rendezvous Grand Hotel
328 Flinders Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9250 1888

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