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The 6th annual Off Grid and Stand Alone Power Conference

25 – 26 February 2019 | Swissotel Sydney

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Co-located with the Commercial & Large Scale Solar Conference and the 3rd annual Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Conference. One registration for all events.

The “Off Grid & Stand Alone Power Conference”, formerly known as the Remote Area Power Supply Conference, is now in its 6th year. The forum was launched to create a platform for off-grid energy players to meet and share information on projects and technologies. It has become an annual meeting place for industry participants to share learnings and perspectives.

Over the past 6 years, the off-grid sector has been evolving at a fast pace sustained by the transformation of the global energy industry with the introduction of new technologies, the increasing use of renewable energy and the rising prices of traditional energy supplies. The off-grid electricity industry shares common challenges with an environment that is characterised by the remoteness, the non-access to the State electricity grid and a variety of energy requirements with customers ranging from community groups, businesses, and major energy users.

This year’s event is being co-located with 2 other major energy sector events: Large Scale & Commercial Solar and Pumped Hydro Energy Storage conferences. This new setting will allow delegates to switch sessions and plan a track to suit their requirements and will increase their networking opportunities.

The “Off Grid & Stand Alone Power Conference” proposes two days of in-depth discussions around the current changes and challenges affecting the industry. Discussions revolve around practical cases studies, project demonstrations, technologies, system issues, batteries, regulations, maintenance, communication strategies, and finance.

Call for papers:
Should you wish to share your insights or present a case study, please contact
Diana Lauzi




8:30 am

Registration and coffee

9:00 am

OPENING - Opening Remarks from the Chairperson


9:10 am

A changing industry landscape: off grid, fringe-of-grid and microgrid market outlook

Matthew Robinson, Director Energy & Water APAC, Advisian

9:40 am

  • The need for energy market frameworks to support the deployment of stand-alone power systems
  • Draft recommendations to promote the efficient provision of stand-alone power systems by DNSPs while maintaining appropriate consumer protections
  • Implementation considerations for national and jurisdictional energy market frameworks
  • Update on consultation on regulatory issues associated with the provision of stand-alone power systems by non-DNSP service providers

10:10 am

  • Remote Energy and factors to take into consideration during the transition
  • How renewables and energy storage are adding value now and where we are heading
  • Example projects
  • What does the future look like?

10:40 am

Networking and refreshment break


11:10 am

Power and Water Corporation is delivering the $59M NTG and ARENA co-funded Solar Energy Transformation Program (SETuP). Construction has recently completed of 10MW of utility PV to provide fuel savings to 25 remote communities. The solar arrays deliver up to 90% of daytime peak needs, and at one community Daly River (Nauiyu) a battery energy storage system (BESS) enables diesel engines to be turned off during daylight hours. This session will present lessons learned from the successful rollout and technology trials, the energy supply transition that is underway, and a vision for future energy supply.

11:40 am

CASE STUDY | The Newman Battery Storage Project

Dr Gary Bryant, General Manager Asset Strategy, Alinta Energy

12:10 pm

“These off-grid applications … are really good examples of how we can get energy costs down for Australians living in the most remote communities”
Angus Taylor, Federal Energy Minister, November 1, 2018

12:40 pm

Lunch and networking break

1:30 pm

Isolate Power System Development - Are we there yet

Ray Massie, Manager Hybrid Energy Solutions, Hydro Tasmania

2:00 pm

Transforming the Grid in WA

Matt Cheney, Head of Grid Transformation, Western Power


2:30 pm

Horizon Power provides electricity across the world’s largest utility service territory which is also home to planet’s lowest population density. This harsh, challenging and beautiful environment demands truly innovative solutions. As Australia’s only fully vertically-integrated utility, Horizon Power is now mainstreaming ‘non-network alternatives’ such as a Utility Off-grid or Stand-alone Power Systems (SPS). And rather than being constrained by the past, this presentation will showcase how Horizon Power is moving to fully decommission and remove aging network to deliver economic and service benefits to customers and society. Horizon Power’s ambitious goal is nothing less than creating a full electric utility service for remote customers that does not require ‘poles and wires’

3:00 pm

The impacts of distributed energy for consumers

Lynne Gallagher, Director of Research, Energy Consumers Australia

3:30 pm

Networking and refreshment break


4:00 pm

  • Risk mitigation through integration: contrary to investment portfolio diversification theory, power generation benefits from integration with a single point of responsibility which provides simplicity, speed and accountability
  • Staged renewable growth: for sites and companies interested in dipping their toe into renewables and hybrid generation, a staged approach allows to test waters before taking the plunge for full benefits
  • Optimised economics: The opportunity offered by non-incumbents which are technology neutral allows customers to access the best engineering solutions for optimised economic outcomes not tied to specific types of technology or suppliers

4:30 pm

Funding remote area power systems

Peter Ross, Executive Director, Origination, Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

5:00 pm


CLOSING – Closing remarks from the Chairperson followed by networking drinks

9:00 am

Opening Remarks from the Chairperson

9:10 am

The role of the Independent Power Producer in the off-grid power sector

Simon Gamble, Chief Operating Officer & Managing Director Australia/Pacific, Enernet GLOBAL

9:40 am

  • Irrigators suffer from high and increasing energy costs.
  • Renewable energy has enormous potential to reduce these costs, reduce exposure to diesel price fluctuations and for large-scale projects, contribute a revenue stream through LGCs.
  • Whilst these benefits are real, large-scale application of solar for irrigating, is still in its infancy.
  • ReAqua has installed the nation’s biggest solar diesel hybrid pumping system in Central West NSW.
  • The 500kW solar diesel pump will slash costs, emissions and improve drought resilience for the family farm.
  • The farm uses $350,000 worth of diesel a year, and it is expected incorporating solar energy will reduce this by half with a payback of less than five years.

10:10 am

Microgrid Configuration for Bankability – A Case Study on a solar power plant in the Philippines

Dr Terence Goh, Regional Energy Storage Consultant & Advisor, Sunseap Group Singapore

10:40 am

Networking and refreshment break


11:10 am

The presentation will focus on the business case and technical solution to provide spinning reserve from battery energy storage systems. Battery energy storage can replace gas turbines or reciprocating engines in an islanded power systems for spinning reserve. The result is lower emissions and lower fuel costs.

11:40 am

  • Role of P2P approach in creating community based ‘virtual’ microgrids
  • A deep dive into the Brooklyn Microgrid
  • How does it work – peer to peer and peer to grid
  • The benefits of using a blockchain based approach
  • Current projects around the world and future directions

12:30 pm

Lunch and networking break

1:30 pm

Outcomes of ARENA’s Knowledge Sharing program for off grid projects

Lyndon Frearson, Managing Director, Ekistica

2:30 pm

The last few years has seen hydrogen-based systems emerge as an important component of energy sector decarbonisation. Opportunities exist for hydrogen technologies in many sectors, including a range of remote and off-grid power and fuel applications at all scales. This talk will provide some context as to the global trends that have supported hydrogen’s (re)emergence, some insights into hydrogen applications in off grid systems, and a consideration of potential future technology development pathways.

3:00 pm

Using recent case-study experience this presentation will discuss how using a combination of traditional diesel generators and a renewable source, (such as solar or wind) in a hybrid microgrid can be useful to provide reliable power in edge of grid and constrained mains applications.

3:30 pm


3:50 pm

Closing Remarks from the Chair and afternoon refreshments

4:20 pm

End of Conference


Packages Price
Package(Two Days)$3195+GSTEarly Bird


Matthew Robinson

Director Energy & Water APAC, Advisian

Andrew Truswell

Director, Transmission and Distribution Networks, Australian Energy Market Commission

Jason Dickfos

Head of Growth, Technical, Energy Developments

Dow Airen

Manager Energy Strategy, Power and Water Corporation

Andrew Gray

Senior Project Manager – SETup, Power and Water Corporation

Dr Gary Bryant

General Manager Asset Strategy, Alinta Energy

John Wood

CEO, Ecoult

Ray Massie

Manager Hybrid Energy Solutions, Hydro Tasmania

Matt Cheney

Head of Grid Transformation, Western Power

Mark Paterson

General Manager Consumer Energy, Horizon Energy

Lynne Gallagher

Director of Research, Energy Consumers Australia

Felipe Kovacic

General Manager - Business Development, TEC-C Investments

Peter Ross

Executive Director, Origination, Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility

Simon Gamble

Chief Operating Officer & Managing Director Australia/Pacific, Enernet GLOBAL

Ben Lee

Managing Director, ReAqua

Dr Terence Goh

Regional Energy Storage Consultant & Advisor, Sunseap Group Singapore

Juergen Zimmermann

Business Development & Technology Manager Microgrids and Distributed Generation, ABB Australia

Con van Kemenade

Director Public Affairs, LO3 Energy

Shane Bannister

APAC Business Development Microgrids, Tesla

Lyndon Frearson

Managing Director, Ekistica

Daniel Roberts

Leader, Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platform, CSIRO Energy

Chris Pye

Division Manager - Renewable Energy, ComAp Pty Ltd.


The Energy & Investment Series brings together for the first time three of Informa’s leading renewable energy events under the one roof. This allows the finance and investment community, service, engineering and supply industries, government agencies and the broader energy sector to switch sessions and plan a track to suit their requirements. This is great value and offers exceptional networking opportunities.

All three conferences – Commercial & Large Scale Solar, Pumped Hydro Energy Storage, and Off-Grid & Stand Alone Power will be co-located at the Swissotel, Sydney on the 25-26 February 2019

One registration to any of these conferences gives you an Access All Areas Pass to attend any of the sessions at the three events.

That’s three conferences for the price of one. Over 80 speakers on the most cutting edge energy projects being rolled out across Australia.

when & where

25 - 26 Feb 2019

Swissotel Sydney
68 Market St, Sydney NSW 2000
+61 (02) 9238 8888

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