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Australian Tunnelling Conference

The Australian Tunnelling Conference provides an excellent forum for tunnelling engineers and industry experts to share best practice in tunnelling design, construction and maintenance.

15-16 October 2018 | SMC Conference & Function Centre, Sydney

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We are pleased to announce that the 15th Australian Tunnelling Conference will be held on 15-16 October 2018 at the SMC Conference & Function Centre in Sydney.

With a comprehensive, two-day agenda, the Conference will overview current and future tunneling projects, discuss the latest industry developments, and hear from those at the forefront of the most recent Australasian and global tunnelling projects.

Supported by the Australasian Tunnelling Society, the leading industry gathering will bring together tunnelling leaders, engineers, and industry experts to share best practice ideas in tunnelling design, construction, safety, and maintenance.




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8:30 am

Morning coffee & registration

9:00 am



9:10 am

OPENING | Opening remarks from the Chair and update from the ATS

Ed Taylor, President, Australasian Tunnelling Society (ATS)

9:40 am

Delivering transport tunnels of the future


10:10 am

  • Design of Stage 3A (M4-M5 Main Tunnel Works) and Integration with Stages 1b, 2 and Stage 3b
  • Utilisation of Digital Engineering in Stage 3a design development
  • M4 East Mechanical & Electrical fit out and Operational readiness
  • New M5 Civil and structures progress
  • I ncident and Maintenance strategy for all of WestConnex

10:50 am

Morning refreshments & networking in the exhibition

11:20 am

Sydney Metro - Australia’s biggest public transport project set to transform Sydney

Rob Muley, General Manager Tunnelling, John Holland

12:00 pm

Queensland’s highest priority infrastructure project: A technical overview

Jeremy Kruger, Technical Manager, Tunnels, Stations & Development, Cross River Rail Delivery Authority

12:40 pm

Melbourne Metro Tunnel : From Planning to Delivery - Key changes since the reference design - Project progress update

Nadine Makin, Principal Engineer Tunnel & Civil for the Metro Tunnel project, Rail Projects Victoria

1:20 pm

Lunch & networking in the exhibition

2:20 pm

  • Project background and description
  • Environment and community aspects
  • Tunnels
  • Proposed project delivery

3:00 pm

Project update

3:20 pm

  • I nvesting in ongoing geotechnical and contamination assessments to inform decision making
  • Optimising TBM advancement, slurry treatment and spoil handling processes to generate a saleable product
  • Challenging the status quo and encouraging innovation
  • Engaging with industry and regulators to achieve our sustainability goals

4:00 pm

Afternoon refreshments & networking in the exhibition

4:30 pm

INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY | Micro Tunnelling - delivering complex infrastructure to water, wastewater, stormwater and rail asset owners

Matt Mules, General Manager, Abergeldie Harker

5:10 pm

PANEL DISCUSSION | Improving tunnel operations at a design level

5:40 pm

Closing remarks form the Chair

5:45 pm

Networking drinks in the exhibition

8:30 am

Morning coffee & registration

9:00 am

Opening remarks from the Chair


9:10 am

  • High Speed Mining in Rich Water Boulder Geology in Chengdu, China
  • Break-Through under Historic City of Istanbul, Turkey

9:40 am

  • In January 2015, the Lendlease Engineering Bouygues Construction Australia joint venture was awarded the contract for the design and construction of the NorthConnex project in Sydney, the deepest road tunnel in the Southern Hemisphere
  • As elevated horizontal stress beyond a certain depth is a well-known phenomenon in Sydney Sandstone, the task of constructing the deepest tunnel in the region from the conceptual stage to the execution of the works has been unique
  • The paper reviews how the key tunnelling parameters have been defined and translated into design assumptions. The design and construction methodologies will be explained, in particular with regard to the specific challenges associated with elevated horizontal stresses during excavation and support installation

10:20 am

Project update

11:00 am

Morning refreshments & networking in the exhibition


11:30 am

  • Since their genesis at the Paris RER Metro in 1964, Earth Pressure Balance machines have been the generalists of the TBM world, able to excavate a wide swath of geologic conditions. Their applications are becoming even more wide-reaching as the design evolves and more tunnels are being built in mixed ground conditions
  • Hybrid-type Crossover machines are edging TBMs into new territory by employing design elements from both EPB and Hard Rock Single Shield Machines
  • Where multiple machine types might have once been used for different sections of geology, a hybrid, or Crossover, EPB/rock machine can excavate an entire tunnel in vastly different conditions
  • The machine type is particularly useful in fractured and faulted weak rock where clay inseams and sections of soft ground may be present
  • New designs are making this versatile take on tunnelling more efficient, even at larger diameters of 12 meters or more
  • This presentation will explore modern trends in Crossover tunneling through mixed ground conditions, with case study examples from the U.S., Mexico, India, and more

11:45 am

  • Outlining of non-circular excavation techniques development of TBM
  • Features of non-circular excavation techniques
  • Innovative equipment and application
  • Future trend of non-circular excavation techniques

12:00 pm

Until recently, all rail tunnels in Norway were excavated using drill & blast technology. The Follo Line project is a new 22 kilometers long double track rail line that is currently under construction between Oslo Central Station and Ski. Four double shield hard rock TBMs with an excavation diameter of 9.96 meters excavate a total of about 35 kilometers of predominantly Precambrian gneisses with banding and lenses of amphibolite and pegmatite. Basis of the tunnelling concept is on using four TBMs, two of each operating in opposite directions from two access tunnels that are located at about midpoint of the alignment in a remote, rural location. When finished, the tunnel will be Norway’s longest and largest rail tunnel to date. The paper lights up the project challenges in particular the abrasive and strong rock mass, the large diameter in combination with the possible risk of high water pressures (12 bar) that require a well-adapted TBM concept.

12:15 pm

  • Specialist Tunnel Excavation- Turnkey Contracting Capability & Tesmec JV Partnership
  • Tesmec S.p.A- Range of Surface Miners and rock trenchers
  • Grydale scrubber systems & partnership with STE

12:30 pm

Technology panel Q&A

12:45 pm

Lunch & networking in the exhibition

1:45 pm

Project update


2:10 pm

The client has an significant role in health and safety outcomes for major projects. This presentation will outline the role of the client in delivering positive health outcomes for tunnel workers. Tunnelling will begin on Sydney Metro City & Southwest later this year, with other projects in Sydney, including Sydney Metro West also expected to include tunnelling.


2:50 pm

Genex Power is developing a renewable energy hub west of Cairns from the infrastructure left behind at the closed Kidston gold mine. The project is a global first, it integrates Solar, Pumped Storage Hydro and Wind to deliver base load, renewable energy 24/7.

3:30 pm

Closing remarks and close of event

3:40 pm

Afternoon refreshments & networking in the exhibition


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Ed Taylor

President, Australasian Tunnelling Society (ATS)

James Holbrook

Director Operations & Integration, Sydney Motorway Corporation

Rob Muley

General Manager Tunnelling, John Holland

Jeremy Kruger

Technical Manager, Tunnels, Stations & Development, Cross River Rail Delivery Authority

Nadine Makin

Principal Engineer Tunnel & Civil for the Metro Tunnel project, Rail Projects Victoria

Malcolm Short

Director - Engineering, North East Link Authority

Jo Carles

Environment & Sustainability Manager, Salini Impregilo-NRW JV

Matt Mules

General Manager, Abergeldie Harker

Mr. Qi Chen

R&D Institute Deputy Director of Liaoning Censciense Industry Co. Ltd.

Leo-Paul Calbrix

Deputy Design Manager Bouygues Construction Australia

Doug Harding

Vice President, The Robbins Company (Solon, Ohio, USA)

Zhiguo Zhang

Deputy General Manager, China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

Dr. Karin Bäppler

Head of Business Development and Geotechnics & Consulting, Traffic Tunnelling, Herrenknecht AG (Germany)

Lee McCourt

Director, Specialist Tunnel Excavation

Alessandro Castelli

Asia Pacific Sales Manager, Tesmec S.p.A

Kate Cole

MAIOH COH, Occupational Health and Hygiene Manager, Sydney Metro

Simon Kidston

Executive Director, Genex Power

when & where

15 - 16 Oct 2018

SMC Conference & Function Centre
66 Goulburn Street, Sydney, NSW 2000
02 9284 2888

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