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Month: August 2023



ChatGPT hasn’t increased plagiarism in education settings, according to new research

A new research project is dispelling the myth that generative AI will fuel plagiarism in education settings, highlighting instead the truth around Gen Z’s attitudes towards the technology. Conducted by YouthInsight, Student Edge the study of more than 500 people aged 14-26 found that a minority (9 percent) would use tools like ChatGPT to this…

31 Aug 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Strategy & Management

Commitment to Culture Capital

Culture capital is the new frontier of competitive advantage, as is evident with the unforgivingly entropic environment businesses must operate in today. Culture capital refers to the collective values, beliefs, practices, and norms that characterise an organisation. It is the invisible glue that holds an organisation together, defining its identity and influencing how its members…

29 Aug 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez

Transport & Logistics

Why no rail worker is immune from the digital skill shortage

Demand for digital skills in the rail sector is set to grow 54 percent over the next five years, creating space for an additional 70,000 workers. But as Patrick Kidd and Alison Wall of the Future Skills Organisation point out, it is not only new staff that will need technical acumen. With drones, AI and…

22 Aug 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Energy & Utilities

Carbon capture hub at Middle Arm nearly ready for imports

Plans to develop a carbon capture hub at Middle Arm that will accommodate CO2 from both local industry and ASEAN imports are progressing well, according to Director Howard Smith, who says the project is set to be self-financed within the next decade. Speaking to Informa ahead of NT Resources Week, Dr Smith said international government…

18 Aug 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Energy & Utilities

Bradfield City Centre: Spearheading Smart, Sustainable Cities in Sydney

Western Sydney’s Bradfield City Centre is a $1 billion investment on the circular economy and a well-anticipated business and innovation hub set to open its gates in 2026. Bradfield City Centre is a modern marvel designed to redefine the future of city living. Plans for the brand-new city centre boast streets lined with trees and…

15 Aug 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez

Energy & Utilities

International consortium of partners to execute a commercial-size Liquid Hydrogen shipping project in Darwin

An informal association of Australian and Korean companies led by LATTICE Technology (Korea) are progressing a Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) shipping project in Darwin, with barge export/import terminals and a large-scale LH2 tanker, to export Australian Renewable H2 to Korea. The LH2 project is a commercial-size demonstration to “prove-up” the key technologies for safe and efficient…

15 Aug 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Transport & Logistics

New era of rail: how US inter city rail road operator Amtrak is preparing for climate war

When Hurricane Ida struck eight US states in 2021, the rail industry was among the hardest hit, losing millions of dollars in operational downtime and structural damage to infrastructure. Amtrak, America’s intercity passenger rail road operator, was among the companies affected, incurring seven-figure damage to various stations and severe service disruptions, as water submerged stretches…

14 Aug 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Banking & Finance


The scam type that almost always goes under the radar

Conning the average victim out of $20,000, the world of digital fraud is becoming increasingly costly, prompting the ACCC to call for a “united front” in tackling the issue earlier this year. Much of the response so far has focussed on big-ticket cases involving a high level of technical sophistication. While these measures are important,…

8 Aug 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Defence & Security


How to not get lost in a rabbit hole of defence innovation research

From warfare systems, to combat simulation, to threat evaluation, technologies like AI and virtual reality are promising a wealth of potential use cases in Defence. So much so, that it is easy for academics to get lost in a ‘rabbit-hole’ of defence innovation research. But for Matt Opie, Director of Defence & Space at the…

7 Aug 2023, by Amy Sarcevic


Energy & Utilities

Mining & Resources

How Kwinana is working towards its net zero future

VISIT KWINANA WEBSITE   With the likes of BP and Woodside Energy planning hydrogen hubs, the Kwinana Industrial Area of the Western Trade Coast is fast building a reputation as a hotspot for decarbonisation initiatives. But with plans to build a new port, Westport, now steaming ahead, what will this mean for the area’s carbon…

3 Aug 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Leadership & Communication

What Gen Z Workers Actually Seek from Management

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, one constant remains: the generational gap in the workplace. This gap, often overlooked, is a significant factor in organisational growth and development. Understanding and addressing it is invaluable for fostering a collaborative and productive work environment. Who are Gen Z Workers? Gen Z workers shall make a fourth of…

1 Aug 2023, by Kristen Gutierrez