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Month: February 2023



How can we revisit technology to prevent medicine problems?

In Australia, there are 250,000 hospital admissions every year resulting from medicine problems and, according to the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA), around half of these admissions are preventable. Alongside the personal cost to individuals and families, $1.4 billion is lost annually to the issue. PSA Senior Pharmacist, Peter Guthrey expects this figure to rise…

27 Feb 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Energy & Utilities

Mining & Resources

How could Australia help support the steel industry’s net zero future?

As the world’s largest producer of iron ore and a major contributor of its derivative, steel, Australia is facing immense pressure to support the steel industry’s net zero future. Currently, the steel value chain is accountable for around 7 percent of global emissions, with blast furnace production and the shipping of unprocessed ore feed largely…

24 Feb 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Transport & Logistics

Speaker spotlight: Kari Gonzales, President & CEO, MxV Rail

Can you guess Kari Gonzales' dream superpower? Kari Gonzales is President & CEO of MxV Rail, the world’s premier rail research advisory. Before she travels to Perth to deliver the international keynote address on the power of transformation to set the stage for the next generation of railroading at Heavy Haul Rail 2023, Kari kindly…

23 Feb 2023, by Long.Chen

Transport & Logistics

Next Generation Q&A with Will Penrose

As part of our goal to become an ever more sustainable, positive impact business, we will be featuring a spotlight on the next generation of rail industry leaders. For this inaugural Q&A, we caught up with Will Penrose, Technical Sales Engineer, Vossloh Cogifer Australia - a great ambassador for the rail's rewarding working environment. A…

21 Feb 2023, by Long.Chen



The new models of care born from telehealth

After quantum leaping in popularity during COVID-19, telehealth has since evolved into a disruptive healthcare medium, set to deliver benefits long after the pandemic and well beyond its original functionality. Initially gaining traction as an alternative to in-person GP visits, telehealth has since been extended to a range of other use cases and is giving…

16 Feb 2023, by Amy Sarcevic



Understanding the risks of new AI applications – how the NSW Government developed its revolutionary framework

As Australia takes strides in its journey with artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics, the potential harms and long term implications of these technologies have increasingly been talked about. Broadly, we know that – if fed with poor data - the technologies can fall prey to algorithmic bias and make inaccurate forecasts or suboptimal decisions.…

14 Feb 2023, by Amy Sarcevic



Are measures to protect patient data affecting their safety – and what can we do about it?

The safety of patients and the security of systems that help look after them may, at first glance, appear to be complementary features of a functioning healthcare setting. But as Eddy Cheung from SA Health points out, safety and security are often in direct conflict within healthcare, resulting in situations that can put patients or…

13 Feb 2023, by Amy Sarcevic



Why more medico legal defendants are winning on causation

Proving that a hospital or medical practitioner has breached their duty of care is often front of mind for plaintiffs when bringing forward a medico legal dispute. In recent months, however, a number of high profile defendants throughout Australia have claimed victory in the face of clear, or even admitted, duty breaches. From bone defects…

9 Feb 2023, by Amy Sarcevic



Improving clinical and legal outcomes for impacted foetal head at caesarean section

Impacted foetal head (IFH) at caesarean section is the third most litigated infant brain injury in the United Kingdom, and an emerging medico legal issue in Australia, where a number of high-profile cases have been reported to coroners over the last decade. Overall, IFH complicates around 10 percent of intrapartum caesarean sections (CS), but the…

8 Feb 2023, by Amy Sarcevic

Mining & Resources

Occupational Health & Safety

How far off is a ‘zero harm’ longwall mine?

Thanks to advancements in automation and remote operating technology, the longwall mine is a much safer place than it was ten years ago. Tools like inertial navigation systems - which are accurate enough to measure the earth’s rotation and can detect the precise orientation of a shearer as its travels up and down the coal…

7 Feb 2023, by Amy Sarcevic


Planning & Design

Is imagination the key to unlocking BTR potential?

Build to rent (BTR) projects are increasingly being looked at as a means of alleviating Australia's nationwide shortage of rental accommodation, which is fuelling the country's housing crisis. But, as Steph Harper, Director of Living Sectors, Valuation & Advisory Services at CBRE Australia points out, the potential of the sector is still largely untapped, with…

6 Feb 2023, by Amy Sarcevic