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Month: November 2021

Banking & Finance


The antitrust paradox – and how to overcome it for a healthy financial services market

To maintain health in the financial services sector - or indeed any sector - two key things are needed: innovation and competition. These two things are interdependent. For innovation to flourish, competition is needed. And for competition to flourish, innovation is needed. To encourage both, antitrust regulation is used. But, when too stringent – or…

29 Nov 2021, by Amy Sarcevic

Transport & Logistics

Learnings and key takeaways from RISSB Rail Safety 2021

Thanks again to everyone who made RISSB’s Rail Safety Conference 2021 such a success. Themed ‘New ideas, new perspectives and new directions’, the conference brought together over 180 attendees, both in-person at the Swissotel Sydney and online in a new virtual conference environment, representing government, regulators, operators, network managers, safety leaders, and suppliers from right…

19 Nov 2021, by Informa Insights

Banking & Finance


Is your financial services business really ethical?

From exploiting the vulnerable, to heavily penalising hardship, it is often easy to recognise what fairness is not within financial services. Defining what exactly fairness is, however, in the realms of marketing, product or contract design, can be a deceptively complex task; one which even ethically-motivated firms trip up on, explains Professor Deen Sanders of…

16 Nov 2021, by Amy Sarcevic


The impact of low vector supply in Australia

A global genomic revolution is currently in full swing, with significant advances in gene editing, DNA sequencing, CRISPR, therapeutics, and molecular diagnostics. However, manufacturing for viral vectors – the engineered viruses that carry genetic materials to host cells - is lagging behind global demand, delaying clinical trials and the progression of new genetic therapies to…

15 Nov 2021, by Amy Sarcevic

Defence & Security

Sovereign, resilience and schedule assurance in defence space acquisition

With Australian Defence spending set to surpass the global benchmark at 2.5 percent of GDP, a series of key military acquisitions have emerged in what Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described as “the most consequential strategic realignment since the Second World War.” Beneath the seas, the Australian Defence Force (ADF) will acquire eight nuclear powered…

10 Nov 2021, by Amy Sarcevic


Occupational Health & Safety

How to stop violence in hospitals

‘Prevention not cure’ has long been considered the Holy Grail of healthcare, but what if this same logic was applied to security in healthcare settings, in place of reactive strategies for combatting patient violence? Associate Professor Paul Preisz who founded Australia’s first ever PANDA (Psychiatric, Alcohol and Non-Prescription Drug Assessment) unit believes preventing – not…

9 Nov 2021, by Amy Sarcevic

Occupational Health & Safety


How to manage COVID risk in the workplace

Managing COVID-19 risk in the workplace will likely be an ongoing challenge for employers in the years ahead. With international borders now re-opening, and workers filtering back into the office, company directors will begin to bear the full brunt of keeping their teams safe. Wade Needham, a General Manager at Fresh Country Farms Australia believes…

8 Nov 2021, by Amy Sarcevic