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Month: June 2015

Leadership & Communication

Gender Agenda: The kids are all right!

WAY back in the early 1990s, my teenage daughter started to feel I was asking her to do too much around the house. I disagreed and she, instead of throwing a tantrum or storming out, set about cataloguing what contribution she, my husband and I were making to the family welfare. The result was the…

30 Jun 2015, by Informa Insights


Breaking the myths and misconceptions of dementia

"My advice to others is to never give up, to utilise as much support as possible without allowing it to erode your self-worth, to reclaim your pre-diagnosis life, and finally, ignore those who seek to minimise you or your disabilities." - Kate Swaffer On Living with Dementia and the Pursuit of Reclaiming One’s Life When…

19 Jun 2015, by Informa Insights


PODCAST: Accelerated care for geriatric patients

This article originally appeared on Hospital & AgedCare, by Yasmin Noone. A few years ago, older patients were presenting at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney's south-west and being treated by emergency staff. Senior ASET (Aged Care Services in Emergency Team)  at Liverpool Hospital, Elise Tcharkhedian, explains the problem was that many geriatric patients were not being…

11 Jun 2015, by Informa Insights

Leadership & Communication

Leadership styles: Understanding and using the right one for your situation

Whether you are managing a team at work, captaining your sports team or leading a major corporation, your leadership style is crucial to your success. Consciously, or subconsciously, you will no doubt use some of the leadership styles featured below, at least some of the time. By understanding these leadership styles and their impact, you…

5 Jun 2015, by Informa Insights

Mining & Resources

Close-Up: Chandra Shekhar Singh

Mr. Chandra Shekhar Singh is Business Head of JSPL Mozambique Minerais LDA, the business that is spearheading Jindal Africa`s interests in this southern African nation. The Planned 10 MPTAcoal mine in Chirodzi, in Tete Province is the first project in the country, although ancillary projects including a power plant and associated logistics will be developed…

4 Jun 2015, by Informa Insights

Leadership & Communication

Persuasive Leadership

An appreciation of persuasion principles can make a practical contribution to our influencing skills. If leadership is defined as influence then persuasion is an important element of effective leadership. Leaders, by definition, must effectively influence change, improvement, innovation and performance. Their task is to create positive, sustainable performance environments – often in the face of challenge,…

3 Jun 2015, by Informa Insights

Transport & Logistics

Taking the accountability for a shared responsibility on rail safety

Recently appointed chief executive officer of the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator Sue McCarrey gave an insightful presentation on her new role as the national regulator, the unique model on which the organisation is based on, and the ONRSR’s priorities and objectives. A shared responsibility Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator (ONRSR)…

2 Jun 2015, by Informa Insights

Leadership & Communication

10 techniques for motivating others through chaos

The work environment has changed. Change has become the norm. Also the truth level of employees has decreased. This can lead to increased dissatisfaction and decreased productivity. Here are ten techniques for motivating your employees to succeed during chaos. 1. Take Care of the Little Things Doing the little things well will show that your…

1 Jun 2015, by Informa Insights